The Journey to Birth Online Course

As one of Australia's leading childbirth educators and Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioners my 'Why' has always been that I believe every women and birth partner deserves to be given this information so that you can approach your birth without fear and anxiety and to know that you DO have options.

This course is an introduction to childbirth and the possible journeys you can take when it comes to bringing your baby into the world.

This self-paced course I have created for you consists of 10 x short video modules (all under 30 minutes) and I also provide you with resources including MP3 Tracks and PDF worksheets all for only $97

Want a sneak peek into the course?

What is included in the 'Journey to Birth' Online Course?

What will I learn in the online course?

The 'Journey to Birth' Online course is a self-paced online course. This is an introduction to Hypnobirthing and for you to understand the options available to you on your journey to birthing your baby. Here is what I cover within the course. Introduction Module 1 – Beliefs & Perceptions of Birth – Why we fear birth so much Module 2 – Physiology of birth – Hormones & the Uterus Module 3 – The Mind-Body Connection Module 4 – Getting clear on what you want for your birth Module 5 – Choosing the right caregiver Module 6 – Breathing technique for birth - The Love Breath Module 7 – Pain relief suggestions and technique Module 8 – Making Space and working with your body Module 9 – The importance of preparing for birth through practice. Module 10 – My top recommendation of resources

How long will I have access to the course?

From the day you purchase the course you will have 6 months (25 weeks) access to the course. You will be able to come back to the course as many times as you wish and you can also take the time doing the course as it is a self-paced course.

What if I want to upgrade to the full 12 hour Hypnobirthing Course?

If you find this course has inspired you to want to learn even more and maybe include your birth partner more in a live or face-to-face course with me then you can upgrade to my full 12 hour Hypnobirthing Australia program. Just send me an email to and I will give you a 10% discount off my full course price.

Can my birth partner watch the course?

Yes absolutly they can and I actually encourage it! The more they know about birth the more they can support you through your journey.

Please note that this is not a Hypnobirthing Course if you would like to experience the full 12 Hour Hypnobirthing Australia Program please CLICK HERE for my Live Online Course Options.