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Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

Growing a baby is one of the most important jobs of your life and with daily life and work sometimes we forget that it is important to nurture ourselves and our babies.

Taking my Pregnancy Relaxation Classes for pregnancy and birth allows you time to check out of life for an hour and check-in with yourself, your body and your baby. When you are relaxed your baby is relaxed and when you are happy your baby is happy so these classes not only benefit you but also your beautiful baby inside you.

You will learn relaxation techniques like breathing, visualisation, comfortable birth positions, positive mindset techniques and more in these classes and all of these techniques can be used at any time of your pregnancy right up to your birth.

What to wear and bring to a class:

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes that you can sit cross-legged in and I recommend bringing a cardigan or jumper with so you stay comfortable during relaxation

2. Yoga mats are provided as well as boulders (to place under your knees) however I recommend that you bring a pillow to place under your head and if you are over 20 weeks a small cushion to place under your right hip.

3. Also bring a sarong. This can be used for further warmth or to place over a fit ball when we lay over it.

Price is $20 per single class or purchase 6 classes for $100  (Classes are limited to 5 people per group)

Bookings are Essential. To book your place please enter your details into the event below for the day's you would like to book or call me on 0423 773 317.

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