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I Achieved a Pain Free Birth! Want to learn how I did it??

I can honestly say that during my birth with my daughter Taleah that I never registered the thought of pain!

So many women comment and talk about the pain that is experienced during birth and I am sure and don't doubt that their experience was true for them but when I decided to utilise my Hypnobirthing Techniques I told myself that I would refuse to register any thoughts of Pain!

What I teach within the Hypnobirthing course that I offer to couples within Rockhampton and Gladstone is about creating and maintaining a positive mindset and through this positive mindset recognising the power of your thoughts and how every thought that you think there is a response in the body.

Now I am not saying that i didn't feel anything during my birth! At times my surges were intense and of course I could feel them but instead of thinking of it as Painful I thought of it as "Sensations" like tightening’s, pressure, stretching like my muscles working... But I refused to think of it as pain!

By changing my thoughts and the words I used and thought of them as as sensations by whole experienced changed so that I actually welcomed my surges... I felt that with each surge of my body I was one surge closer to having my baby in my arms and so it made my surges easier to get through.

You too have the power to change the way you think and feel about birth... It's all up to you! You are the one who is in charge of what you choose to think and feel about birth! If you keep telling yourself you can't do it or that you can't handle the pain then that is exactly what your experience will be.

So I would like to ask you now.... How do you want to think and feel about your birth?? Can you change the way you think and create a positive mindset for yourself? Do you need some help?

If you would like to learn more in details about how you can create and maintain a positive mindset so you can achieve a more comfortable birth then please feel free to contact me for more details on the courses that I offer. I have helped over 80 couples in the last 2 years within Central Queensland achieve a more positive birth and I would also love to help you too :)

Shari Lyon


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