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Do you have fears about birth?

Do you know the effects that Fear has on our bodies? Do you know that as mammals if we feel threatened or unsafe that our bodies go into the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response?

The is our instinctual reaction if something scares or creates fear in us... And did you know that the same thing happens to us during birth!

If you go into your birth with fears of pain, of medical procedures, of the unknown and what might happen you body goes into this response. When this happen all of the muscles in your uterus are then deprived of blood and oxygen because the body is sending that blood and to your arms and legs so that you can fight or run.. But we can't run from birth.. So what happens is that the body can freeze and therefore slow down the thinning and opening process of your cervix.

Have you had friends tell you that they were failing to progress or they were not dilating? They had a long drawn out labour??... Well this is what was happening to their bodies.

Understanding the birth process and what your body goes through during birth and knowing what you can do to help the process can make all the difference in how your birth actually turns out.


Why don't our mothers, doctors or midwives tell us this.. It is such an important part of understanding our bodies... Knowing how your uterus is designed to work... knowing different breathing techniques to help you through your surges... your partner knowing and understanding the birth process so he/she can help you better....

I now teach this to couples in detail and show them how their bodies are designed to work and because of the course that I teach and offer so many of my couples have been able to go on making informed choices and having positive experiences.

I encourage all of you who are pregnant to do the same.. Even if you can not attend a course do as much research as you can and educate yourself.

Knowledge is Power.. the more you know about your body and your options the better off you are going to be...

If you would like to learn more then don't wait.. Contact me today!

I still have a couple spaces available for my June course which will run over 2 x Sundays the 14th & 21st of June @ 9am - Gladstone Women's Health Centre.

July Course I only have limited space available and this course will run over 4 x Thursday nights starting the 2nd of July @ 6:30pm.

To Book Contact or 0423 773 316

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