Tip #1 on how to prepare for a positive birth!

Can you believe it 2017 has just flashed before my eyes and now here we are day 3 of a brand new year where we can and have the power to write our own story... And for you I am hoping your own Birth Story! You absolutely have the power to create the birth that you want and that you deserve so I wanted to send you this email to help give you some guidance on what you can do to help yourself prepare during your pregnancy for your birth. "Knowledge is Power"!!! When you can go into your birth without fear and with knowledge, good support and tools and techniques to help you along the way this will give you the confidence to make informed decisions if and when you need to. So here it is my first tip on how you can prepare for a positive birth in 2017 1. Look into the different options when it comes to care providers and where you can birth. On the Gold Coast we are very fortunate to have many choices available to us and it is important that you are aware of what is available, this way you can look into each option and compare each option and make a decision that is right for you and the kind of birth that you want to experience. We have the Gold Coast Public Hospital, A number of Private Hospitals, Gold Coast Birth Centre as well as Private Midwifery led care. Contact each option and ask them questions about their model of care, if they support natural birth, ask them what their induction and cesarean rate is and when & why they would want to induce you or opt for a Caesarean (the reason that this question is important is because if you are wanting to have the most natural birth possible you won't want to choose a hospital with a 70% Caesarean Rate, and there are hospitals that have these kinds of statistics) There is some great information on the Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Website. To read their article CLICK HERE Another study that I strongly recommend that you read the link below about 'Rates of obstetric intervention among low-risk women giving birth in private and public hospitals'. CLICK HERE to read the full research. Don't be scared to ask questions when talking to Midwives, Obstetricians or Doctors.. Just because you have been referred to 1 particular OB does not mean that they are the right fit for you. And if you have already chosen a model of care or care provider then still I encourage you to sit down and read some of the links provided to see if it may trigger some questions you may like to ask them that why you can be super sure that you made the right choice and if you don't feel comfortable or supported then it is never to late to change or get a second opinion. You only get one chance to birth your baby so you want to make sure that you have a care provider who is going to support you and your preferences and what YOU want and not pressure you to go down another road if there is no medical reason behind it. I hope this Tip has helped you spark up some questions in your mind about what you actually want for yourself and your birth... because if you don't know what you want yourself then how can your care providers support you.. you don't want to end up at the hospital on the day of your birth and then because you haven't prepared your care providers have to take over control of the situation and manage your labour and birth for you. I have taught to many second time parents that they have said just this to me... That they wish they learnt more about their options first time around. If you ever want to have a chat about any of the information I am providing you please feel free to call me on 0423 773 316. So I have one last question for you.... What is your 2018 Pregnancy & Birth Goal???? To book into a Hypnobirthing Australia Course with me on the Gold Coast CLICK HERE I only have limited spaces available and I recommend attending a course anytime from the 20th week of your pregnancy.


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