Tip #2 on how you can prepare for a positive birth!

A few weeks ago I shared with you my first tip in preparing for a positive birth and that was about choosing the right care provider.

I hope that this tip gave you some guidance on what I recommend you look for and the questions to ask when choosing the right model of care.

This week I am sharing my #2 tip with you and again I hope it sparks some thought about what you are or what you can do when it comes to preparing for your birth.

2. Knowledge is power so get Educated!! I strongly recommend that you look into attending an Independent Childbirth Education Program. Why an Independent Course you ask?? An Independent Childbirth Education Program such as the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program I teach goes into great detail about your birthing body and how your muscles work during labour, how fear affects your body and how to create and maintain a positive mindset through pregnancy.

In the course I also dive deep into teaching you alternative and more natural methods to get labour started, relieve pain and to how birth really is a mind over body experience, but also we talk about what you can do if complications arrise and if decisions need to be made.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Course is not only for mothers but also birth partners as well and how they can help support you through your pregnancy, labour and birth.

What I teach is more in depth to that of what a Hospital birthing class teaches and we now even have the study to prove that the use of Complementary and alternative therapies for pain management in labour can lower you chance of having an epidural by almost 65% to read more CLICK HERE

I say this all the time but the reason is because it is true... You only have one opportunity to birth your baby and when you invest in your birth by attending a course it is well worth every cent when you then get to share your positive birth story with friends and family.

To book into a Gold Coast or Gladstone Group Course with me or even a Hypnobubs™ Online course please CLICK HERE

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