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VLOG: When should I go to the hospital when in labour?

"When should I go to the hospital when I am in labour?"

This is probably the most asked question I get within my Hypnobirthing Australia Classes on the Gold Coast and I do actually go into detail within each class the signs of labour and what you can do at home and some suggestions as to when the best time is to go to the hospital when in labour.

In this video blog I will give you some advice as to what to do when you are in labour and when I recommend to go to the hospital. (Please note that I always recommend that you seek medical advice and also talk about this in details with your doctors or midwives both before your labour begins and then even at times during your labour)

I hope this video helps you on your journey towards a positive and calm birth and if there are any questions that you have please feel free to email them to me at and I will create a video blog for you and for others on that question.

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