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VLOG: Do you need to still do a hospital class if you attend a Hypnobirthing Australia Course?

This is a question I received just recently where a mum was asking if she attended a Belly2Birth Hypnobirthing Class would or should she still attend a hospital antenatal class as well.

My answer to this is that all hospital antenatal classes are different and there is no "standard" class that they all teach. Most of the time it is taught by one of the hospital midwives and is really focused around the hospitals policies and procedures. Public Hospitals are very different to Private hospitals and some hospitals offer free educational classes and some do charge for their classes. Some may only go through with you what pain relief options are available but then some may give you some tips and techniques you can try during your labour and birth. Some hospital classes are great because they do teach you about breastfeeding and what to do once you have bubs home.

In the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program that I teach we are an Independant childbirth education program so we are not bound by any hospital policies. Our course has been designed to give you as much evidence based information as we can so that you can make and informed decision, where unfortunately some (not all) hospital classes won't give you all of the options available.

I believe that the more you know the better off you will be so really it is up to you if you would like to attend both but you may feel that what you learn in one of my classes is enough. I do also recommend to all of my couples to attend a breastfeeding course if you can as this information can be so helpful and then breastfeeding may not be as overwhelming when bubs arrives.

I hope you find this VLOG helpful and that it has helped answer another question that you may have been thinking to yourself.

If you have any questions at all please send me an email to as I am always up for answering your questions and creating a new video so others can gain the knowledge as well.

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