I am writing this with so much excitement!!! I have just returned from our annual Hypnobirthing Australia™ conference (well it was more like a 2 day retreat this year) that was held in my home town of the Gold Coast and all I can say is WOW... I am truely blessed to be apart of such a wonderful group of women who uplift and inspire each other to achieve a collective goal and that is to uplift, inspire and educated pregnant mums and their birth partners to have the best birth possible.

Our conference (retreat) ran over 2 days this year (previously it had just been a 1 day event) and it was held at a beautiful venue in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Every year we run with a theme and this year the theme was 'Connection' and this is exactly what it was... it was a beautiful weekend of connecting with each other, connecting with ourselves and nurturing ourselves as practitioners as well as how we could support and connect with you all as mothers and birth partners.

Tracey Pattison

Our guest speakers were Tracey Pattinson who is Australia's most published cook book writer as well as a self confessed food intuitive and kitchen witch. Tracey created a beautiful women's circle for us and opened us all up to the beauty of food and what it means to each of us and how it can nourish not only our bodies but our heart and soul. She also encouraged us to write out and let go of our food demons around a beautiful file and boy did I not expect to have so much flow out of me.... It was actually really emotional for me personally as I have had my own battles with food all through my life. I truely felt so much beautiful energy around Tracey and was able to spend some beautiful time with her and at the end of the conference she put all of our names in a bowl and she pulled my name out and I was gifted 2 of her amazing books as well as a DoTerra Baby Pack. It was like the universe was rewarding me for being so honest about my personal battle and that this was the start of a new relationship to myself, my body and the way I looked at food.

We also were blessed to have Dr Kate Levett who conducted the 'Complementary therapies for labour and birth study' in 2016 where it was proven that these techniques reduced your rate of epidural by up to 64%.

This year Kate went more into depth about different Acupressure and Massage techniques to help encourage natural labour, reduce stress and pain during labour as really showed us how birth partners have such an important role to play and when they know what to do it is amazing how a labouring women responds to the support. I am so excited to share these new techniques with all of the mums and birth partners that attend my Gold Coast Group Hypnobirthing Australia courses.

We also had some practitioner workshops that included yoga, massage techniques and self care also working with the media and I was also asked by Hypnobirthing Australia to hold a workshop where I shared my tips on promoting and marketing the course.

Then to top off the weekend Melissa Spilsted (Hypnobirthing Australia Director) gave out her yearly awards and I am so honoured and excited to share with you all that for the 4th consecutive year I have been awarded in the top 4 practitioners in Australia and in particular for 'Marketing and Promotions' as well as I was awarded for number 1 online sales for the online courses and resources.

Teaching this course is my passion, so to be awarded in the best of the best of practitioners for just doing what I love is honestly just reconfirming that I am truely living my divine purpose.

I have truly come away from this weekend feeling even more inspired to do more, to teach more and to share more of my message that birth can and should be a positive experience for all women and birth partners.

Thank you to all of the couples who I have taught over the last 5 years from Gladstone to the Gold Coast I have met some amazing people and really connected with you in ways i never believed was possible and some I have even become such good friends with and have even inspired them to become a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioners 💕

If you would like to work with me privately or attend any of my group classes then please feel free to contact me on 0423 773 316 or CLICK HERE for more information

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