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Birth Story & Birth Video of baby Leo!

It is amazing what you can share on social media these days and this beautiful Belly2Birth mum is using YouTube and her Instagram page to share her positive birth story with us.

Krissy from @her.nourished attended my July Hypnobirthing Australia Course on the Gold Coast with her husband Antoni and being that this was her 3rd baby to hear how much she got out of the course and how different this birth was compared to her first 2 births is amazing.

I love how Krissy share's that it's about taking from it what you want and implementing the tools and techniques that are right for you.

She also shares how chilled out her baby boy is and how the course provided her husband with some amazing techniques to help be her anchor during the birth.

Krissy not only shared her story with us all she has also shared her birth video.

See below both videos and I want to thank Krissy for sharing such an intimate moment with us all.

Krissy's Birth Story Video

Krissy & Antoi's Birth Video

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