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It was such an empowering experience, I could not have done it without my partners support!

I have been teaching the Positive Birth Program for 8 years now and every time I receive a beautiful birth story I still get goosebumps and for this one, it was no different. I love seeing so many couples hiring birth photographers now to capture these amazing moments.

With the word of my courses spreading I just wanted to make a note to remind you to book in once you know your safe into your second trimester. My courses are now booking out up to 6 weeks prior to the course start date and I am receiving lots of emails from disappointed mums when they see the course they want is booked out. To look at my course options or book in for a course CLICK HERE


I felt so empowered and confident going into labour and birth. Completing the Hypnobirthing course with Shari gave us such a wealth of knowledge, not only for me but my partner felt completely confident in knowing how much of an important role he played during the whole process (beforehand he just thought he held my hand and got yelled at haha)

We went through the Midwife program at GCUH and they were so understanding and flexible. Our midwife knew our birth preferences and was completely on board not pushing us into anything and letting me decline being induced and stretch & sweeps etc.

My waters broke at 1:30 am on Wednesday 6 days after my EDD, I had either peed myself or my waters had broken (it was the latter) I messaged my midwife and tried to go back to sleep but was way too excited that we were finally going to meet our baby boy soon. I didn’t wake my partner as I knew his alarm was set for 4 am for work any way I went out and put a movie on to try and relax. I started getting very mild period-like cramps after my waters had broken.

At about 7:30 am we went for a little walk to try and get things moving and I bounced on my ball, did hip rotations and stretches to try and make space for our baby boy. I listened to my affirmations, had a relaxing bath and tried to have a nap.

At around 5 pm surges started to get more intense I had a shower while the affirmations were playing, breathing through my surges and my partner doing some acupressure, I had front & back labour. My surges were every 2-3mins for a few hours and at around 10 pm we called my midwife out for a home visit. I was falling asleep in between surges listening to our hypnobirthing tracks. Our midwife checked dilation and I was 5cms she said we could make our way to the hospital and she would meet us there and set up the room.

The dreaded car trip was intense! In the 20mins from home to hospital, I went from 5cm-9cms. We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 pm I decided to get a cannula with antibiotics as my waters had broken early the chance of infection to baby doubled so I decided to get the antibiotics so he didn’t have to when he was born.

I was able to get straight into the bath after getting the antibiotics, I laboured in there for 1.5hrs relaxing and breathing through my surges. I roared my baby out (literally I had a sore throat the next day), I got to receive him, my partner was supposed to but it happened so quickly that I brought him out of the water before he even comprehended what had just happened.

Our baby boy was born Thursday 25th June at 1:28 am at 4175g (9p 3oz) and 59cms long!! Exactly 1 week from his ‘due date’

It was such an empowering experience, I could not have done it without my partners support he was so amazing throughout the whole experience thanks to the course.

Ash, Jesse & Hunter 


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