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Our Positive Induction Birth Story

Hi Shari,

Just wanted to share our news that our beautiful Hypnobub arrived on 11/12 via a very quick induction due to her heart but has since been cleared from special care and is now home with us.

I cannot thank you enough for the tools you have to us, I was able to confidently request certain things for my induction and they were granted.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat over the phone once we learned bub would be coming earthside a little sooner than we thought and to remind me of all the tools and questions to ask.

Your support meant we were both prepared and ended up having a beautiful empowering birth even via induction. Something I didn’t know would be possible without Hypnobirthing.

My husband this time around was the absolute most perfect support person thanks to your techniques.

Again thank you.


Gold Coast

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