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Thanks for giving me the knowledge, the tools and the power to have an incredible experience

Labour started at 11 pm, with my surges coming at 5-minute intervals and I had never been so excited in my life. I breathed through each one, I ate some food, I listened to my tapes and my partner rubbed my back while watching me move my body with each surge.

I welcomed each surge, hoping they would get stronger and stronger- and they did. Hours later in the hospital with the room dimly lit, I continued to labour in the shower. I was always adamant that I didn’t want an epidural for so many different reasons but, after roaring through the most intense experience of my life for 10 hours and 7cms, I decided I wanted an epidural.

I got an epidural because I felt that I was going to enjoy the experience more and not because I was a failure and not because I was weak. 2 hours later, my incredible partner delivered our beautiful, healthy baby girl and I had never felt more proud of myself.

We sat and stared at her, at each other. I did it. I hypnobirthing my baby and it was such an incredible experience! 

Thanks again for giving me the knowledge, the tools and the power to have had the incredible experience that I did! 

Shenayd x 

Brisbane Queensland

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