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We both felt in control of the situation and were prepared to ask questions.

Hi Shari

Thanks for your email.

Our baby girl was born 2 weeks ago via c section but despite everything, we had a positive birth experience.

My OB tested me for GBS a few weeks prior to delivery and it was positive, so when my waters started slowly leaking at 40+2 they had to induce me to get things moving. I knew that this would be the case prior to arriving at the hospital and was happy for the induction to go ahead.

I was in labour from 12 am Sunday night until 4.30 pm Monday afternoon but I was only 4cm dilated.

During this time my contractions were getting more intense, I spent the majority of the time in the shower with my back under the hot water and my AirPods in listening to the hypnobirthing tracks. I found that this really helped to zone me out and take my mind off the pain.

When they did an internal exam at 2 pm and found that I had only gone from 2-4cm

Between 6 am - 2 pm I opted to get an epidural because I was exhausted more than anything. Honestly, if they had found that I was 6-7cm and things were progressing I probably would have pushed through without the epidural.

They told me to try and get some rest and that they would reevaluate at 4 pm to see if things had progressed any further. When it got to 4 pm I was still only 4cm dilated and they started talking about a c section as they classed it as a failed induction.

Thanks to your course we felt prepared to ask necessary questions and were able to take time to weigh up our options. The one good thing was that Bub was not in distress at all and was quite happy to stay in my tummy so although it was classed as an emergency cesarean it wasn’t an emergency as such.

We decided to go ahead with the c section as I truly felt like the labour wasn’t progressing and I wasn’t going to even have the energy to push after how many hours it could take to get to that stage in labour.

The c section went better than expected and the recovery has been good. If we get pregnant again I will for sure try for a VBAC.

Despite everything, I had a great birth experience and we both felt in control of the situation and were prepared to ask questions so we could be in control of how our birth played out.

Thank you for all your help and the resources that you make available.

Carley, Anthony and baby Ava

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