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What is Hypnobirthing? And how can it help me prepare for birth?

As one of Australia's Leading Hypnobirthing Practitioners, I have been teaching for over 11 years and even though this model of childbirth education has been around for a long time I still have many people who have never heard about Hypnobirthing.

I am going to be honest with you and say that I wish it wasn't even called Hypnobirthing!! Because as soon as you hear the word you immediately think that it is just some 'Hippy woo woo' way of birthing or think that it involves someone Hypnotising you during birth.... And it just isn't the case.. AT ALL.

There are elements of Hypnosis that we use but it is all Self-Hypnosis. So this is where you teach yourself to come into focus. THAT'S IT!!

Self-Hypnosis in Hypnobirthing is where I teach you tools and techniques to focus on during labour. These techniques include breathwork, movement, visualisation, relaxation techniques, and affirmations and through the course, I also teach your birth partner techniques such as massage, acupressure points, and techniques to relieve pain like counter pressure and pelvic squeeze so that during contractions you can bring yourself into the focus of these techniques rather than potential pain or thoughts that you can't do it.

In the Hypnobirthing courses that I offer on the Gold Coast or through a Live online Zoom webinar, I will help you understand all of the options when it comes to birthing your baby. So I don't like to call it a 'Birth Plan' as such I prefer to help you create like a 'Birth Map'

There are many journies that we can take to bring our baby into the world and there is no right or wrong journey but if you only put one 'plan' together and don't consider any other option or journey and if you get into your birth and then find that you have to consider another option but you haven't prepared for it this is where stress, fear and overwhelm can set in and it can end up being a traumatic experience.

So when you can really understand all of the options from Natural Birth, Induction of Labour, Pain relief for birth or even Caesarean Birth and understand what each journey can look like or when it is needed and prepare for that with the knowledge I share and techniques I show you then you can feel that you are a driver of your birth experience and not a passenger.

Hypnobirthing helps you to feel empowered to make informed decisions and to ask good quality questions to your medical caregivers and when you can do this then you can emerge from your birth feeling more positive of the outcome... whatever that is.

If you would like to learn more about the Hypnobirthing courses that I offer on the Gold Coast then CLICK HERE to view all of my course options. Or to book into one of my Live Online Hypnobirthing courses CLICK HERE

Shari xx


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