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“You’ve done all the hard work, you’re at the end now we can go to the hospital”.

I’ve been asked so many times to share my birth story, for me it was something personal that I didn’t know if I wanted it all over social media and I felt insensitive sharing it as not everyone has the same story but then I remember this is a story that may help another mumma to be. It is a story I hope inspires young mums to feel strong and in control of their births. Carey and I completed hypnobirthing classes with Shari to book into a Hypnobirthing Course on the Gold Coast with me CLICK HERE. My mum and sister who were in the delivery room with us, I learnt to control myself, relax, use my energy in the right way and to listen to my body.

My due date was 9th Dec 2020, everyday from 39 weeks I walked up and down my long ass driveway, trying to get things going, 40 weeks came and still no baby. Every night I would say to Carey “this might be the last night just us”.... but I would wake up still pregnant 15th Dec I had tightening's that I thought were contractions (lol they definitely were not) 5:30pm, I felt my first proper/strong contraction, I zoned out to everything around me and focused on nothing but my breathing. My husband, mum, dad, sisters, brother and brother in-law were all in my house as I began my labour. After a few strong contractions that were only 3 minutes apart Carey rang my midwife and she arrived by 6:30pm, she encouraged me to get into the shower to help relieve some of the pain so I did. By this point the contractions were taking over my body and I was only an hour in, Whilst trying to get my thoughts out of my own head I couldn’t help but think I was only 2 or 3 cm dilated as I had only been labouring for a short time.

After my shower I made my way to my room where my midwife examined me, I didn’t want to know how far along I was so she went out to tell Carey and my mum that I was 5cm almost 6cm dilated.

When Carey came back into the room I could tell by his smile that everything was going well, he told me “you’ve done all the hard work, you’re at the end now we can go to the hospital”. From that point I knew I was in control and I could do it without pain relief, I knew my body was working it’s magic. My midwife said I could wait at home for a little bit but I knew I needed to go so we made our way to the car. As we drove out my mum went over the bump of the driveway I instantly felt like I needed to bare down and push, the plan was to park and walk over the gcuh bridge to the entrance but I couldn’t do it. We arrived to the hospital at 8:00pm and it took me 30 minutes to get to the birthing suite as I couldn’t walk but every time I sat on a wheel chair it hurt too much. We took our time and once we finally arrived to the room I stood up and whilst holding onto Carey my waters broke and I actually felt like she was coming right there and then. But she didn’t I hung onto Carey whilst my bath was being filled and swayed as my sister and mum fanned me (the rooms aircon was broken and me and Carey were sweating up a storm). Once my bath was filled I hopped in and that was pain relief just on its own. I felt so supported by Carey, my mum and sister that I didn’t even think to ask for pain relief, each time I looked up Carey was holding my hands encouraging me to breathe through my contractions, my sister had wet cloths ready to put on my neck whilst fanning me and I could hear my mum telling me over and over again that I was strong and baby was so close.

Once I relaxed in the bath my midwife told me I was 10cm dilated and fine to start pushing if I needed to, as each contraction came I used all my strength to push, I could feel she wasn’t going to come on her own and she needed me to help her, so I used all my energy to bare down and help her out. After what felt like the longest 4 hours of my life at 9:36pm, 15th December I got to deliver our 8.7 pound angel, pull her out of the water and hold her on my chest with my husband, my mum and her name sake around me. It’s a feeling no one will ever be able to describe, almost 10 weeks later and I still wonder how I did it. But I know I prepared and educated myself whilst also having my best support right by my side.

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