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Positive Caesarean Birth Course

I have options for you

Contrary to what some people believe; you do have options and your choices can have a huge effect on your mindset, comfort and your baby’s introduction to the world. Our world-first Positive Caesarean Birth Course helps you to build the knowledge, tools, support team and mindset to help you to achieve a very calm and positive caesarean birth experience. One that you'll ALWAYS want to remember!


Attend a face-to-face or live online Zoom 4-hour class with Me (Shari Lyon). I am a Trained Caesarean Practitioner with personal experience in attending Caesarean births. With this experience, I can tailor the course to you and your needs including sharing some beautiful techniques to help you have an empowered and connective Caesarean birth.


Healthy Mind & Body

Understanding how our mind works

What is self-hypnosis?

How fear can affect our body and birth

Reprogramming our subconscious/conditioning

Language & affirmations

Pre-birth bonding

Healthy mother, healthy baby

Tips for a healthy recovery

Toolkit for Birth

Facial relaxation

Relaxation breathing

Music for birthing

Using touch to release endorphins

Instant relaxation techniques

Specific self-hypnosis techniques

Visualizing birth

Hypnotic anchors and triggers for deep relaxation

Knowledge is Power

Further reading and areas for research

Birthing Preferences - open communication with caregivers

The Gentle/Natural/Family Friendly

Cesarean Birth

Baby’s microbiome

Bonding with baby at birth

Initiating breastfeeding and tips

Support Crew

Communicating with our caregivers

Birth partner’s role

Cheat Sheet for the birth partner and Birth

Partner Prompt Sheet

‘Birth Rehearsal’ practical session

Releasing Fears

Identifying limiting beliefs and tools to address them leading up to/during birth

Fear release using self-hypnosis

Visualisation for birth

Preparation - Key to Success


Routine for practice

Birth video & interview of a Hypnobubs mother who used this very program for her own Positive Cesarean Birth

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Private Positive Cesarean Birth Classes

Shari Lyon

Online Course

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Online Course

Online Classes
Confidence Package 

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Hypnobubs Online Caesarean Course with 90 Min Coaching session
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