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Resources for Pregnancy & Birth

Positive Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards $29.99

The 30 affirmations contained within this box were created to give you strength & courage to empower you to have the most positive pregnancy & birth experience for you, your baby & your family. Each day, choose a card, set it as your daily intention and release the Goddess within!

The affirmations will arrive in a beautifully designed jewellery style box so you can display your intentions on your bedside table & in your birthing space.

Wooden easel included.

These beautiful affirmations were created in collaboration with Jessie from Project Goddess and Ash who is a  Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist from The Fit Mama


Can't attend a class? You can still prepare for a positive & relaxed birth by downloading these MP3 albums to practice to at home.


I understand that not everyone is available to attend a course so now Hypnobirthing Australia has made it easy for you to download the albums that are given to couples within our course so you can practice relaxation and self-hypnosis yourself at home then why not pair this with a Private one on one Skype session with me if you have any questions or would like advice or support. Contact me on 0423 773 316

If you are past that estimated ‘guess’ date and feeling the pressure for things to start ‘moving along’… this album is for you! We have incorporated a Fear Release especially for the later stages of pregnancy and lots of positive messages of encouragement for baby to come earth-side. We don’t make any promises, of course. Babies know when to arrive. However, sometimes the pressures that we experience in this later part of pregnancy, especially with inductions, can be very counter-productive. That is why we created this album. So that you can let go, release and get back into a state of trusting… ready to welcome your precious baby into your arms.



Are you ready to attract abundance and prosperity in ALL good things into your life? Do you have an appreciation of the role that your mindset plays in the manifestation of your dreams – but sometimes struggle to send the right messages of abundance and success to your subconscious? Well – this album is made especially for you!

This album comprises of two long-play tracks; affirmations and self-hypnosis.


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