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The Journey to Birth Online Course

Birth can and should be a positive experience, one that you will always remember!

Pregnancy, Birth, and becoming a parent is a journey!

And everyone's experience is different and unique.

Birth is not linear or a straight road.. We can face roadblocks and detours along the way and sometimes end up on a journey that wasn't a part of our original "plan". This is why it is important to understand what the journeys may be before we set off on this adventure of self-discovery and physical strength as we go through this rite of passage.

The 'Journey to Birth' Online course has been designed to share information, knowledge, tools, and techniques to empower you to ask good quality questions and to help you 'Map' out your preferences along each journey you may find yourself on, whether that is a natural physiological birth, induction or labour, medical pain relief or caesarean birth.

The Journey to Birth online Childbirth Education course helps you prepare for roadblocks and detours to help you reach the destination where at the end you have your baby in your arms safe and well and you are both physically and mentally safe and well.

I know that you are ready to learn about the physiology of birth, along with what options and choices you have to have a POSITIVE and EMPOWERED birth, and in this course, I will share 10 years of education, knowledge, and a culmination of different modalities that I have taught and mastered over my career as one of Australia's leading Hypnobirthing practitioners and Childbirth Educators.

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Hello I'm


I am a mum of 2, a Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner, Transformational Birth Coach and Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

Over the last 10 years, I have supported thousands of parents on their journey to not only birthing their babies but also birthing themselves as a mother and father. I come from a place of compassion as I too have experienced the transformation that takes place for us during pregnancy and birth.

As your Digital Birth Coach, I would like for you see me as a beacon of light, illuminating the paths and journeys you can take and helping you to create a map and gain confidence as you become the driver of your experience.

I am so proud of this course and I know that this information can and will be as life changing for you as it was for me. If you have any questions about the course please read on and watch the introduction video to the course and get a sneak peek of what you will learn.

Shari xx

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What is included


4 x Modules
with over
10 Hours of Video Tuituion 


Downloadable MP3 Tracks with Affirmations, Meditations, 

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Downloadable PDF Worksheets, Visualisations, Sample of Birth Maps


Supportive Facebook group with over 1000 members

Take a sneak peek into the course


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4 x  weekly installments $50



  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You will have 12 months to access the course so that you can keep coming back to it again and again through your pregnancy.
  • Should my birth partner do the course?
    Yes absolutely it is important that you complete this course together. For them to feel confident in advocating for you and learning the tools and techniques to help you through labour and birth it is important that you experience the course and do the hands ont techniques together. If you don't think that your partner will engage enough and commit to watching the videos I would highly recommend that you both invest into either one of my Live online courses or one of my face to face courses on the Gold Coast
  • How is payment taken?
    Payment is taken via my online payment gateway where you can pay by credit/debit credit card and there is a pay in full option or pay in 4 weekly payments.
  • Is there a refund option?
    If you are unhappy with the course and what I share I will provide a full refund within the first 7 days of purchase as long as no more than unit 1 has been viewed. If it is seen that all videos and downloads have been accessed then you will NOT receive a refund.
  • How long do I have access to the Facebook Group/Community?
    You will have have lifetime access to my parents facebook group. Within the group I share more evidence based links and parents share birth stories and you are able to connect with mums and dads from all over the world who have completed my courses.
  • What will I learn in the online course?
    The 'Journey to Birth' Online course is a self-paced online childbirth education course. Here is what I cover within the course. ​ Introduction Unit 1 - The Journey of a Natural Birth Unit2 - Tools and Techniques for Birth Unit 3 - The Journey of Induction & Caesarean Birth Unit 4 - Birth - What to expect, Positions for labour and After Birth - what to expect
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