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Breathing & Movement for
Birth Workshop

Is your birthing day fast approaching and you feel you would like to learn some valuable tools and techniques to help you during your labour and birth but don't have the time or finances to invest in a full course? Then this 90-minute workshop is for you!!
No matter where you are on your pregnancy journey, if you are trying to conceive, pregnant OR almost due this workshop Training is worth its weight in GOLD because when you learn how to breathe and move through birth then this can change your WHOLE birthing experience.

In this 90-minute Training you will learn the:

1. The power of breathwork for birth
2. Connecting into diaphragmatic breathing
3. Breathing technique to calm your nervous system
4. The Wave Breath to use during Contractions/Surges
5. Using your breath to push your baby out
6. Stations of the pelvis & making space
7. Positions and movement for labour and birth

(please note this is a recording of a live training I held)
live webinar for hypnobirthing

Shari Lyon

Learn from one of Australia's leading Childbirth Educators

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