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FREE Positive Birth Planning Webinar

Thinking about having a baby in 2024? Or just found out you are pregnant? Then this FREE webinar is for you!
Learn from one of Australia's leading and most experienced Hypnobirthing Practitioners and Birth Coaches about how you can prepare for a positive pregnancy & and birth.
Join my webinar to learn:
  • Where our thoughts of birth come from and Understanding our birth culture

  • Why do we fear birth so much

  • Knowing and understanding all of your options

  • Tips for choosing a caregiver

  • Why childbirth education is important

  • What is Hypnobirthing & How it can help you prepare for birth?

  • Breathwork & Meditation

Gain Instant Access to learn how you can prepare for a Positive  & Empowered Birth in 2024.
live webinar for hypnobirthing

Shari Lyon

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