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"I was able to remain in control, was aware of my choices, & was able to bring my baby earth side".

Saturday the 03/09/2022 at 10:04 am, I birthed my daughter Talita Yolandé.

She was 3.065 kg, 51cm long and born at 39 + 0 weeks.

My Birthing experience was honestly what I can say perfect. Not because everything

happened the way I planned, but because I was able to remain in control, was aware

of my choices, and was able to bring my baby earth side in an empowering and

positive way.

I started having very light contractions the 01/09. I thought these were Braxton hicks

so continued on with my day as normal. On the 02/09 at 0730 I lost my mucous plug

and still had light contractions which I assumed were not a clear indication of

whether or not I was in labour. I was definitely getting excited thinking it could be

soon, but was in denial as to whether it was labour or not.

That Friday night I could not get to sleep, and could not get comfortable in bed. I

thought maybe this is it, but kept trying to go to sleep. By 2 am I still hadn’t gone to

sleep and the contractions were getting stronger though they were not regular or

getting closer together. As I was laying in bed, a felt a huge release of pressure, so I

stood up immediately and at 0239 my waters broke. I called my hospital and they

said that they would like me to come in. I asked them why and what their concerns

were. Taking this into consideration I was able to make an informed decision and

decided to stay at home until I felt the need to go to the hospital. I called my mum

and my best friend, told them the exciting news so that they could come over. I then

set up my room and did my laundry whilst the contractions were getting stronger,

and while I waited for my mum and friend to arrive. I put my diffuser on with Clary

sage, put on my labour playlist, set up my yoga ball and mat, put fairy lights around

the room and also put clary sage on cotton balls into my bra.

By the time my mum got to me I was needing to breath through my contractions, use

my birth ball and really focus. Through all of this, I only had positive thoughts, was

extremely excited as I was finally in labour, and excited to see what my body truly was

capable of. I started using the TENS machine as well, which I believe was the main

reason I was able to get through my contractions. My mum was using light touch and

massage as well as pressure points to help me through the surges. My dad made

me some French toast as well, which I ate slowly between contractions.

By around 6 am my contractions were now nearly 3 minutes apart though I still didn’t

feel the urge to head to the hospital. My family (Aretha my step mum) was asking me

if I wanted to have this baby at home, I laughed and said yes. Knowing I had not

prepared I was happy to head to the hospital. I put my eye mask on and put focus in

to staying calm and in the zone as we headed to the hospital. By the time we got

there my contractions were so intense I had to stop, zone in, and start crouching

down. As we were in the elevator the doors would open and I’d have a contraction so

I was unable to walk out. The doors would close and then we would have to wait,

then as the doors opened, I’d have another contraction. We finally got in and the

midwives took me straight to the birthing suite. I had already discussed my birth plan

with them, and my mum handed them another copy when I arrived. I also printed out

a summary to put on my door.

This was amazing as all the midwives and Obstetrician respected my birthing space

and let me labour in peace. There were no references to pain relief or vaginal

examinations. I had no stalling of labour I believe to be because of this. I was calm

and in control. My contractions really started to pick up at the hospital and I had to

use as many of the techniques I had learnt from the course to get through them. I

turned up the TENS Machine, my mother did light tough and acupressure, I would

put my eye mask on to focus, sway as much as I could and would repeat to myself:

“with every contraction my baby comes closer to me”. This is the only affirmation that

I used. Which I took from Shari's Belly2Birth Hypnobirthing classes.

I had the freedom to move around the room in any position I wanted and the

midwives did intermittent monitoring wherever I was comfortable. I got in the shower

for a short period as well but felt the contractions were getting so intense that I had

to move to the bed. The contractions were so intense that I was uncontrollably

vomiting. During a contraction I was extremely hot, and once the contraction was

over, I would be shivering from the cold. Looking back at it now, I was probably in

transition. They gave me a nausea wafer which really helped.

At around 0920 I started bearing down. I must be honest, this scared me a little. I

knew the urge would be strong but wow! It was uncontrollable. I looked at my mum

and said I am pushing. I was freaking out so my mum used my anchor point and

brought me back into focus. The midwife got a bit hesitant and ran out of the room to

get the OB. She came in and spoke to my mother, said that she would like to do a

vaginal examination purely for her to know where I am at, and if I would be

comfortable with that. I agreed and felt fully in control with my decision. She did the

examination and told me I was 10 cm and that bub was starting to crown. I was

almost in disbelief, that I had gotten this far without medication, without fear, without

freaking out, and without a substantial amount of pain.

After pushing for I don’t know how long, the OB suggested that she would like to do

an episiotomy as bub was crowning and going back in, and crowning and going back in. I knew that this was normal and declined the episiotomy but agreed to her helping

me stretch during contractions. I also did not push unless I got the urge too. I was

surprised with how in between contractions there was no pain, no rush, everyone in

the room just waited and trusted my body to push when it was ready. I started

pushing on all fours and moved to how I felt most comfortable. I moved to being on

my side with one leg up. After pushing for a little over 30 minutes her head came out,

I moved onto my back and with one more push, reached down, grabbed my little girl

and with the help of my mother, pulled her up onto my chest. I didn’t tear at all. I then

birthed my placenta naturally in the next couple of minutes, and had delayed cord

clamping (which my mum cut the cord) and uninterrupted skin to skin.

After having some time to bond with Talita, my mum did skin to skin with her while I

had a shower. After my shower I was able to weigh her myself, and get her injections

done while she was breastfeeding. I was surprised with how calm Talita was during

all of it. She barely cried at all.

The best part of my birth is that I was always in control. I had the knowledge to be in

control and was able to birth my baby in an environment I created with the help of my

family and best friend, and mainly from the hypno birth course I did with Shari! Being able to

birth her, catch her, weigh her, and walk her to my room myself was amazing.

I felt like Super Woman and still do!

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