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A Must Watch Birth Story Video!

I honestly feel so blessed to meet the couples that I do through my courses and Shonleigh & Brent are definitely one couple who I won't forget.

I remember how eager Shonleigh was to do the course as she would comment and like alot of what I shared on Instagram.

Then when I met them in person it was beautiful to see the transformation they both had as a couple and how they described feeling fearful about birth at the start of the course but once they completed the course how they surprisingly felt 'Excited' now to birth their baby.

What really paid off for them both is the fact that they took on what I had shared with them and they did the work... they practiced the techniques and Shonleigh did something everyday in the lead up to their birth.

I am so thankful that they welcomed me into their home to film their birth story and even with a few twists and turns and well being naked on the Gold Coast Highway they both achieved the birth they worked so hard for.

Grab a Cuppa and some headphones if you need to and I hope you enjoy watching their birth story video as much as I loved filming it.

To book into a Hypnobirthing Course with me on the Gold Coast CLICK HERE


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