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My beautiful, undisturbed, and empowering home birth.

On 29th September I thought I was going into labour was having surges all night long but it all stopped at 7am the next morning. The following night the same thing happened but the surges were stronger but still it went away the next morning. On Sunday morning we used some of the techniques you showed us in our refresh as the midwife thought maybe baby wasn’t in the perfect position. After some inversion and pelvic tucks he moved and dropped into the pelvis, around 10am I also had a huge emotional release and questioned whether I could really do this. The affirmation cards were hanging in the birth space and I just kept saying them over and over again. Joe returned home after going and going a few things at around 1pm and my surges returned and were much more consistent and much stronger this time. I was listening to affirmations and had a tens machine on. At 2pm we rang my midwife and said we think this might be it I was still in early labour but it seemed different, my midwife arrived and prompted Joe to fill the birth pool up, I was on all fours up against the couch, things seemed to be moving very quickly, my waters released.

The pool was ready for me to get into and almost the moment I got in I began involuntarily pushing, my surges were on top of one another. This time during transition I didn’t doubt myself though, I didn’t ask to go home or say I couldn’t do this I just knew I was about to have my baby in my arms. My midwife suggested I change positions from on my knees to lunging and as soon as I did that I felt this overwhelming feeling to push and his head began to crown, I remembered to slow down and just let the baby slowly emerge his head was out and my midwife instructed at my next surge to get his body out and just like that he was born. He was born into the water with my hands being the first to touch him and bring him up to my chest. We spent blissful moments in the water just the 2 of us before I asked to get out and was moved to the lounge room for the placenta. However I wasn’t comfortable here and requested to go to the toilet, the baby was still attached to me at this stage. Once on the toilet the placenta came away and joe was able to cut the umbilical cord. We then got beautiful uninterested skin to skin and I was able to feed for the first time.

 It’s a birth I could only have dreamed of and without your help I don’t think it would’ve been possible. 

Thank you for all your knowledge and support

Photos were by Melissa Tupou unfortunately it all happened so quickly she arrived as I birthed him but we got some beautiful fresh baby photos. 


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