Hannah Polites Healing Hypnobirth Story

When I was first contacted by Instagram Influencer and midwife Hannah Polites about doing the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program with me to help her work through the trauma of her last birth and prepare for this birth without fear I knew that I didn't need to teach her about the physiology of birth.

From our first session together I knew I had to help Hannah get out of her Midwife Brain where she over thought all the possibilities of what could happen and teach her how to come into her instinctive brain and gain the confidence in her ability to have the birth she wanted and deserved.

Grab yourself a cuppa as Hannah and Garth share both of their birth stories and how attending the Hypnobirthing Australia 'Positive Birth Program' with me helped them have a healing birth experience with their son Arlo.

To book your spot in one of my Face to Face classes on the Gold Coast CLICK HERE

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