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"It was honestly the most wonderful, empowering, beautiful experience. "

We had our boy on the 9th of November via a very empowering belly birth.

Little Dougie was breech from 30 weeks, and although we attempted everything (and I mean everything) to get him to turn, he was happy and safe where he was.

He was footling breech, so as much as I wanted to, labour wasn't an option; so we booked to have an elective after an ECV attempt didn't do the trick.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we'd be looking down the road of an elective caesarean, but I'm so glad we had the opportunity for it to be controlled, rather than an emergency. I really had to trust my body, my baby and the whole process, and needed to believe that he was breech for a reason.

We were fortunate enough to have an incredible, supportive midwife through MGP.

Also being a midwife myself, we were able to advocate for what we wanted from mine and Jordans birth experience. Although I didn't labour, we were still able to use a lot of hypnobirthing techniques from your Belly2Birth Course to keep the environment and myself nice and relaxed. The breathing techniques, along with Jordan using firm, grounding touch worked wonders with keeping my anxiety under control.

The whole team in theatre were amazing, and so open and supportive of our wishes. We had a lovely acoustic playlist that really helped take away from the super sterile environment.

The one thing I really wanted was to be scrubbed and receive Dougie myself. Not maternal assisted, but rather than him being passed from surgeon, to midwife, to resus for a check over, then to me; he was passed straight over the drape, into my arms and on my chest for skin to skin.

Turns out, I have a unicornuate uterus- which is super rare and basically means I have half a uterus, with one tube and one ovary. Even though we were happy with our outcome and didn't need an explanation as to why our boy was breech; it was definitely nice to have that answer and really have that embedded trust that everything does happen for a reason.

It was honestly the most wonderful, empowering, beautiful experience.

I'm so glad and grateful we did your Belly2Birth hypnobirthing course- thank you for everything you were able to teach us!

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