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Trust yourself, your baby and your birth tea, - you've got this!

Our little hypnobub was born into the water yesterday (on his guess date!) at 1:10pm after the most beautiful physiological, intervention free labour.

Surges started at 3am, we headed into hospital at 11am, got into the bath at 1

2:45pm and he was born after 10 minutes of “breathing him out” as my wife described it.

We could not have done it without everything we learnt in Shari’s hypnobirthing course. The breathing, light touch and counter pressure were our most used techniques, with my wife saying my favourite affirmations throughout the hardest parts, including transition where I said I wanted to go home and try again tomorrow and she reminded me that this meant we were so close to meeting our baby (we were! Only 25 minutes away at that point).

We had a physiological third stage with the placenta coming only 45 minutes after he was born and I just had a second degree tear which needed a few stitches but I feel so great. We were home in time to tuck our 2 year old into bed last night, have some birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to our newest family member. After a traumatic intervention filled first birth this was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Whatever kind of birth you are planning for/dreaming of, you CAN do it. Your body knows exactly what to do. Trust yourself, your baby and your birth team - you’ve got this.

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