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"We are so grateful we found you and attended your hypnobirthing course!"

We are so grateful we found you and attended your hypnobirthing course.

Here is our birth story - I have had period like cramps every morning since the Monday from 5 am, for a couple of hours. On Thursday morning when I woke up I noticed that my mucus plug had came out and then I googled when will labour start, and it said anytime now or a day or two. The cramps felt a little different but I thought it may pass I had breakfast and a shower and realized that it came in waves and I may be in labour.

I called my partner at 9am and he got home around 10am I was sitting on the ball doing the movements to open my pelvis and listened to some relaxing music, he gave me light touch and helped me relax.

At 11:30, I decided to go to the hospital as the surges were getting more intense and regular and I thought it’s time and didn’t wanna be in the traffic at lunch time!

I played the affirmations on my headphones all the way to the hospital. By the time we arrived the surges were irregular and more frequent, we couldn’t find a car park i tried to stay focus on the affirmations and it really helped me.

After we’ve checked in at the hospital, I was happy for the nurse to check me as I knew I couldn’t go home and I was close.

I have asked the midwife to not break my water, she was gentle and told me I was 5cm and would organise a room for us. I got sick and Warren wasn’t surprised and didn’t freak out because you’ve explained this during the course.

We arrived into the birthing suite at 1pm, Warren communicated our birth plan to the midwife, and I went on all four and rested my head on the ball to open my pelvis and I was breathing up with each surges with Warren. He carried on the light touch and the anchor point, pressure points, prompts and played the affirmations on the speaker.

The surges became really intense I kept breathing through my nose and kept focusing on the affirmations and decided to go into the shower.

I rested my head on the ball and kept doing the early labour positions and the breath with Warren and then my water broke in the shower. The surges were really close to each other now and I was getting uncomfortable I asked to go in the bath, I went in the bath at 4pm.

It felt so much better surrounded by water but the surges were strong and I kept thinking “I could do anything in 1 minute”. Warren was supporting me and reminded me to relax my jaw and always got me back into the breathe. I was in active labour and was breathing up and bearing down while doing the positions.

The midwife was not really good at checking the baby’s heart under the water and took too long, she also touched me a couple of times with her torch while I was having surges and I probably swore as I got really annoyed. I asked for gas as the surges got really intense we were breathing up and bearing down doing all the things we’ve learned.

The midwife came and talked to me and said it’s been 2 hours I was in the bath and I needed to get out and get checked as I may be pushing on some cervix and could go back into the water afterwards.

I said to Warren I’m not going out of the bath and started to panic a little so I tried different position to move the baby down I tried to listen to my body and remembered the positions we have learned, I kept trying different positions between the surges and the midwife went on her break. She came back she wanted me to get out the bath and I kept visualizing the lotus flower then I checked my self and inserted couple of fingers in my vagina and I felt my baby’s head couple of centimetres away and told the midwife.

She started to see her head as well.

I listened to my body and was bearing down a couple of times and the head was out.

Then I heard the midwife telling Warren to get me out of the water I stood up and didn’t really know what was happening and felt like I needed to get this baby out asap but I also wanted to wait for the next surge.

I was trying to squat back in the water and my body was pushing and they kept saying do not go in the water and during the next surge I gave everything I had and the baby was here and as they were going to clamp the cord she started to cry so they delayed the cord clamping and I was able to hold my baby. The baby did a poo when her head was out and i didn’t know what was going on at the time.

I had a 2nd degree tear.

I couldn’t have done it without Warren by my side and all the techniques we’ve learned.

Warren didn’t leave my side the whole time. I had a really good experience and couldn’t have done it without your help and the hypnobirthing course.

Our baby was born at 19:54 and I didn’t leave the bath.

I think the midwife disturbed me while she was checking me and definitely impacted the birth.

I found really hard not to clench my jaw and to listen to my body, and to stay in my zone sometimes.

I struggle to let go and overthink sometimes in my day to day life.

Not knowing when and how the delivery would happen was hard.

I’m so pleased I did your course and for the most magical day of my life.

I couldn’t control some of the things that happened and did the best I could.

Thank you so much Shari

Marion & Warren

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