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"We gained so much knowledge and confidence that supported our positive birth. Highly recommend!"

On 1/08/22 our son was born. We had such a positive birth and contributed that to the knowledge and confidence we gained through your hypnobirthing course.

It was the evening of 31 July 2022 (40+2). At 7pm I had slight cramping and at 11:30pm contractions commenced. I lay in bed for the following 2 hours and timed my contractions, at this stage they were 14 minutes apart. My partner Dana woke and I advised him I was in early labour. At approx. 1:30am we moved to the lounge room, we finalised the hospital bag and I had a shower. We set up with a mattress and fit ball which I was either bouncing or laying over. At this stage I also commenced using the tens machine. We both attempted to rest in between contractions. When I wanted to scream Dana reminded me to breathe and used light over my back and shoulders. At 5:30am we contacted my midwife however due to being after hours we spoke to the on call midwife. We made them aware that we were in labour and will continue at remain at home. At 7:30am we again made contact with contractions being 5ish minutes apart. We were advised to continue to stay at home as first time pregnancy can be lengthy. We were unsure due to also having a half an hour drive to SCUH however continued to labour at home.

At 9:30am Dana spoke directly to our midwife and arrangements were made to attend the hospital at 11am. I remember the car ride being extremely uncomfortable, kneeling across the back seat. We checked into the birthing suite and moved into our room. My midwife was on mandatory rest and we were greeted by our backup. Approx. 11:15am I received an examination, I did not wish to be advised on my progress due to the fear of my labour stalling and being sent home. To our surprise I was already 9cm dilated I immediately got into the bath and there was an instant relief of pressure. I was in the zone, eyes closed and unaware of what was occurring around me. I continued in the bath until I got “that” urge to push. By this point my midwife and mum were encouraged to come asap as this baby was on the way. Once the head was out we sat there for about 3 minutes, I felt the shoulders rotate, followed by a contraction. I gave one last push and lifted our baby out of the water. I was supported out of the bath and into the bed were we had skin to skin contact, he latched and within a short period of time I birthed my placenta naturally. 12:37pm our son Iluka was born and our world changed.

Dana and I completed a hypnobirthing class with Belly2Birth. We gained so much knowledge and confidence that supported our positive birth. Highly recommend.

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