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"I stayed relaxed and worked with my body as our wedding song played in the background" Cl

Being that this was my second labour, I felt a little more prepared. I knew this time that if I relax and let my body do what it needs to do then I'd be fine.

My first labour was awesome, except my body had never been through such pain so I didn't know what to do with myself. All I thought about was the pain, I wanted the pain gone and couldn't focus on anything else.

So after finding out we were pregnant for the second time I knew I had to prepare my body better for labour. I was so excited to know that having a water birth was an option, just the thought of sitting in a warm bath while in pain puts my mind at ease.

I come from a very close family, my dad, mum & sister were just as excited as my husband, daughter and I for the new baby who was almost due! Every day we waited for some signs of labour. We walked with pains and intense braxton hicks for 2 weeks! I used my clary sage in the diffuser & also rubbed some onto my belly 3 times a day. We used the exercise ball & doing all of this I believe helped soften my cervix.

4 days from the due date to go, I woke up at 4:28am with my first contraction. From that first contraction to about 11am we'd taken it as false labour because the contractions were all over the place. Being with my family from 7 that morning I noticed that the contractions were occurring when I was alone or not around my mum, dad, sister husband and daughter staring at me waiting for the next contraction. So Jacob ran me a bath with just the 2 of us in the bathroom, and as soon as I climbed in and relaxed I got another contraction, they were ongoing from this point only being 5 minutes apart! I stayed in the bath and had my daughter join me, she rubbed my belly, kissed me and spoke about baby which helped with getting the endorphins flowing.

I loved that part of my labour- the last moment as just my husband daughter and I. It wasn't long until the contractions were 3 minutes apart and I knew it was time to go to the hospital. I got in the car with Jacob and we spoke about how excited we were to finally know we were going to meet our new daughter, I thought positive and breathed my way through the contractions. My family followed in a different car. We walked into the birthing room and my midwife had the room set up. The pool was waiting for me, clary sage was going through the diffuser and we had the affirmations playing through the speaker. My mum dad & sister sat and supported me quietly as they watched me breath through my contractions (Jacob rubbing my back and being affectionate too) they were coming every 2 minutes now and all I was thinking about was my baby. She was making her way down and I knew it wasn't going to be long and she'd be in my arms.

I closed my eyes as the contractions became stronger and let the affirmations take me to a happy place. My mum cuddled me and said some nice words, Jacob was still rubbing my back and kissing me, everyone not saying a word as my body did what it had to do. I decided it was time to get into the bath and the warm water around my belly and back really helped! I leaned with my arms over the bath and Jacob in front of me holding me and putting a cold cloth on my head and warm one on my shoulders and immediately the urge to push came with each contraction- I changed the affirmations to songs that have meaning to both Jacob & I.

I closed my eyes and pictured our baby making her way, i looked at my family and smiled getting excited. My water broke and within 2 contractions I knew it was getting very close! I felt her head right there, so close to being out. I stayed relaxed and worked with my body as our wedding song played in the background, breathing and holding onto Jacob and before I knew it her head was out! My body did a little jump from the pressure which meant I had to stand to push the rest of her body out (because when I jumped her head came out of the water), which was fine I felt like standing up helped her come out.

I looked at Jacob and we were both so excited, i gave it one last big breath and pushed and she was born! It was all so surreal- I was only in the pool for about an hour and didn't think it was going to happen so quickly! I held her in my arms with so much happiness as my husband and I stared and took it all in.

Being calm, breathing and reminding myself that this was all for our child made such a big difference between my first and second labour, I cannot explain how much of a better experience it was having the right thoughts run through your head and doing everything to prepare your body. I am so excited to go through this experience again.

Having my husband daughter and family get me through it was also a big deal for me- I love to make them proud. If your wanting a calm and amazing birth experience don't think twice about seeing Shari to direct you in the right direction, hypnobirthing really does work if you put your mind to it!

Claudia & Jacob

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