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Belly2Birth Mum stuns Nurses in the USA by using Hypnobirthing techniques!

I met and taught Nicole and Chuck while living in Gladstone back a couple of years ago. Nicole and Chuck are from Texas, USA and they were able to utilise the Hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of their first baby boy while living here in Australia. Now they are back home in the USA where the maternity system over there is very medicalised and most women are induced once they reach 38 weeks. Below Nicole shares their experience with us and how she stood up for herself within a system that most just hand themselves over too... To hear that 2 of the midwives had never attended a natural birth with no drugs in their career is pretty amazing.

Here is what Nicole had to say about her 2nd Hypnobirth!


I had been practicing as much as possible during this pregnancy because I was very concerned that my experience here would not live up to my standards. American OBGYNs are very pushy and wanting to get baby out as early as 37 weeks by offering me an induction date. I told them to ask me that at 41 weeks.

I was able to hypnobirth this baby out spending only an hour and 15 min in the hospital before Hunter arrived. When I finally let the nurse check me when we arrived I was 9cm dilated and people started running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Chuck and I were like right everyone breath together and it will be fine lol.

My doctor was present for all of 20 min of the birth. I can’t thank you and hypnobirthing enough for so much knowledge and preparation we always have going into labor.

Two of my nurses told us that in their careers they never saw a women deliver with no drugs and do it so well at the same time!!! I told them I learned it all in Australia!!!

I now have two amazing little boys who came into this world wide eyed and drug free!! And it’s all because of your help!

You will forever be a huge part of my life and I can’t thank you enough for that!

Nicole & Chuck

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