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I had my baby in the hospital car park!!

Hi Shari!!!!

I had the most amazing birth experience! It all started in the morning, Oscar was at daycare and Toby was at work. I was at the shops. I came home and started doing a few things around the house. Toby come home and we just relaxed together watching movies. Toby got Oscar from daycare and then it started to get a bit more intense. I was listening to the affirmations. We decided it was time to go to the hospital, which was about 30mins from our house.

Once we started driving I said to Toby that he is going to have to drive a bit faster. I felt my body starting to push a little bit. I was falling asleep in between each surge. We got to the hospital parking in the emergency. Toby started getting all the bags out and putting Oscar in a pram. I got out of the car and tried to walk to the entry. I managed to get to the front of the car and my next surge came and my body started to push. ( I didn’t want to miss this opportunity and not push with my body. That’s what happened when I was having Oscar because the midwife told me to not push and it took so much longer to push him out)

I told Toby the baby’s head was there, he came to check and yelled out to the security to get someone out to help. She came with one push and he had to catch her! It happened so quickly!

I couldn’t believe how good I felt after, compared to my first birth with Oscar. I think staying at home for as long as I did was amazing. I was so relaxed and felt so in control. (Sounds crazy that I felt in control when I couldn’t even make it into the doors haha but I was)

Thank you so much for everything! You make birthing such a beautiful experience!

Tanya & Toby - Darwin, NT (2nd time Hypnobirthing Parents who completed my 'Refresher Course' online through Skype)

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