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"I believe from your course I was able to remain calm and collected and still in high spirits".

And what a story our birth was, I started contractions at 10:30pm on the Tuesday night (the 5th) and was up all night just breathing through each contraction. But were inconsistent contraction times all the way through Wednesday, but my midwife came around at about 11am that Wednesday to do a check up and because I had immense back pain she wanted to do an examination to check babies position. As they could feel externally that she may have been posterior which was confirmed after the examination. So we tried to turn her for that whole day and ended up going to the hospital at 3am the next morning, as my contractions were still inconsistent times and not enough for active labour but was struggling with the constant back pain and her not turning yet after attempts with alternative pain medications including sterile water injections, codene and morphine but nothing was quite helping enough but all and all I was still in high spirits regardless of the marathon I was already on.

I was still going the following day and we ended up deciding to get induced with the epidural at 11am on the Thursday in the hopes the stronger contractions would try move baby around as we were having no luck as she ended up with a deflex head, and tilted and was stuck in my pelvis area. I was then induced for 12+ hours with the midwives helping with every position to try and rotate Bub and only still 4cm dilated and no change to baby’s position so after lots of discussions it was decided that we would end up with an emergency c-section as we exhausted all other options and at this point I was completely exhausted after 53 hours of labour but baby was still happy and healthy heart rate but decided before she became too stressed that we would do the C-section which went well and baby arrived happy and healthy with no complications thankfully.

It was one hell of a ride and not at all how we expected it to go but it is true how they say birth never goes to plan and this certainly didn’t but I believe from your course (To book into a Hypnobirthing Course on the Gold Coast with me CLICK HERE! To book into a Live Online Hypnobirthing course through Zoom CLICK HERE) I was able to remain calm and collected and still in high spirits considering the length and eventful labour we had. We were able to go as long as we did to try and do everything we could to get her out and to know at every stage what was happening with the knowledge that we learned from you! I don’t think it could have been as calm as it was for us as for some could have been quite traumatic. My partner Sam was the most supportive person during this time thanks to you!

It was a wild ride for us all but we got a healthy baby girl out of it and she is doing amazing we couldn’t be more in love with her.


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