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"My birth was everything I wanted and more".

My birth was everything I wanted and more. Whilst I was induced, I really advocated for what I wanted and my birth map was really respected by my OB and midwives. I had a vaginal birth with an epidural and truly it couldn’t have gone any better.

I really used hypnobirthing breathing techniques to get through 7 hrs of contractions and the medical intervention (so scared of needles/cannula/epidural etc).

I really really spoke up about what I wanted and did so much research to know what I wanted and didn’t want. I did weigh up options etc with my biggest concern being uninformed and the drs/midwives not communicating with me on the day. My husband Dave really stepped up with this and advocated for me and what I did/didn’t want and I believe this came from your class. We took so much away from what we learnt from you and are so grateful for the experience we had. To book into a Hypnobirthing Course on the Gold Coast with me CLICK HERE

I gave birth to the song ‘give me a minute to hold my girl’ by George Ezra and Dave filmed the whole thing. We didn’t know we were having a girl. I had skin to skin straight away and was left uninterrupted for 2 hours. I have never been more proud of myself/being a woman birthing ‘naturally’.

Thank you for everything, you gave me so much confidence to be able to do what I did after after having such a rough/miserable pregnancy.

Kate and David


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