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We were able to find our confidence in saying 'no' to the many interventions offered.

I was 10 days over my "due date" so 41+3 days. My OBGYN was worried about me developing preeclampsia due to my water and weight gain, he had said that if bub wasn't coming soon that we'd need to look at intervention. So with that, I opted to have a stretch and sweep (as my cervix was still posterior). Later that day and into the evening our surges came, and by midnight we jumped in the car to go to the hospital. We had a 12-hour labour, only using a tens machine and the gas. Active labour didn't really start until the morning around 6/7am, I managed to sweat off the tens pads closer to 11am and the gas was removed as sadly I couldn't concentrate on pushing towards the end. I managed to deliver Max and all his 38cm circumference head naturally without any pain relief for those last two hours, just a warm compress. I think I managed to make a bit of noise (haha) but still kept using the breathing techniques throughout. I managed to not tear or need any stitches thanks to the midwives and the techniques and information I learned during the classes. If I hadn't been loaded up with all the info beforehand I'm sure I wouldn't have known what I could ask for. For birthing the placenta I was offered the needle but refused it and managed to birth it naturally, the midwives just helped with a natural push of my tummy.

I even managed to have my birth photographer attend and capture some memories for us in between all the covid restrictions and I'm so happy we could. I feel terrible for those throughout the pandemic that couldn't have their birth preferences.

Just wanted to say thank you again for our classes and the lead-up to our birth.

Jack and I had a boy named Max Samuel Peterson, weighing in at 4.1kgs, (9.4lb). Through the classes, we were able to find our confidence in saying 'no' to the many interventions offered and I was able to have the natural birth I/we wanted.

Thanks again for all your help in the lead-up Jack and I really cannot thank you enough. I wanted to be informed and empowered to make the decisions right for us. x

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