Hi Shari,  

Quick little update to let you know our little girl Marceline entered the world at 39 weeks on Wednesday. 

I had a spontaneous vaginal birth after my membranes released at 02:30, birthing her at 17:30 that afternoon. 

I had two incredible midwives who both sup...


With my due date 5 days away I could feel that our new baby was going to come soon. I was getting contraction like pains at night and we were just totally ready for her! I got my hands on some DoTerra clary sage oil and made sure to rub it on my belly through the day,...


Our little girl Luca arrived right on her due date! 4/2/19

I birthed at the Tweed in the bath using the breathing techniques and listening to the guided meditations.

We arrived at the hospital at midnight with my waters breaking on the way. She was born at 545am.

Tell u...


I was so excited when Nicole contacted me to be interviewed on her new Podcast 'Becoming Mum' so of

course I said a "HELL YES' as I love sharing everything about the Hypnobirthing Australia program.

What I also loved is that it gave me the opportunity to really explain...


Before I start, I will let you know we had an “ideal” birth in mind, as everyone does. 

However we were always open to different options and suggestions. Prior to hypnobirthing courses and meeting a midwife at around 14 weeks, I was adamant I wanted an elective C Sectio...


Hi Shari, 

Just wanted to again say thank you, the course that you delivered was absolutely amazing and more than prepared me for what labour would bring. I think its so wonderful that you advocate and inform women about believing in the rights and capabilities of our b...


I will alway treasure Saturday September the 15th as one of the wildest yet best days of my life. 

Let’s take it back to where it started… Friday the 14th. I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason, and the universe works in wonderful ways, well on this day...


Everyone says don't expect baby on due date, however as the due date came and went I found anxiety creeping in around being induced. I felt so ready to meet our little lady! At 38 weeks I had started drinking raspberry leaf tea, having acupuncture twice a week and doin...


Get the tissues, because this birth story brought me to tears!! I met Shon and Brent in my July, 2018 group course this year and the transformation they made from feeling fearful about their birth to excited as they describe HERE in an interview I did with them is amaz...


My Birth Story

Even though I knew that it was normal for labour to start later than my due date, in the 40th week I was very impatient and a bit disappointed that it hadn’t started yet. My parents had arrived to visit and we were all so excited to meet our little girl....


Hi Shari!!!!

I had the most amazing birth experience! It all started in the morning, Oscar was at daycare and Toby was at work. I was at the shops. I came home and started doing a few things around the house. Toby come home and we just relaxed together watching movies....


Hi Shari,

I have been meaning to contact you after we completed our Hypnobirthing Australia™ course to let you know that it was the most rewarding and incredible thing we could have done leading up to the birth of our bubba (we welcomed him to the world 4 weeks early).



Our Birth Story of Tilly Anna 

I would like to share our positive and calm birth story of Tilly Anna and I’m so proud I can, thanks to our Hypnobirthing angel Shari from Belly2Birth, my midwife Judy from Birth Centre (with midwives Frankie and Ashley), my doula Steph fr...


Our birth Story of Lexi

At my last hospital appointment 39+4 they told me they want to induce me on the Sunday night the 12th August as they didn’t want me to go much over my due date which was the 11th. I was not keen on getting induced, I really wanted to go into sp...


It is amazing what you can share on social media these days and this beautiful Belly2Birth mum is using YouTube and her Instagram page to share her positive birth story with us.

Krissy from @her.nourished attended my July Hypnobirthing Australia Course on the Gold Coas...

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