Hi Shari,  

Quick little update to let you know our little girl Marceline entered the world at 39 weeks on Wednesday. 

I had a spontaneous vaginal birth after my membranes released at 02:30, birthing her at 17:30 that afternoon. 

I had two incredible midwives who both sup...


With my due date 5 days away I could feel that our new baby was going to come soon. I was getting contraction like pains at night and we were just totally ready for her! I got my hands on some DoTerra clary sage oil and made sure to rub it on my belly through the day,...


Our little girl Luca arrived right on her due date! 4/2/19

I birthed at the Tweed in the bath using the breathing techniques and listening to the guided meditations.

We arrived at the hospital at midnight with my waters breaking on the way. She was born at 545am.

Tell u...


I was so excited when Nicole contacted me to be interviewed on her new Podcast 'Becoming Mum' so of

course I said a "HELL YES' as I love sharing everything about the Hypnobirthing Australia program.

What I also loved is that it gave me the opportunity to really explain...