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Birth of Baby Bohdan - 30.09.2014

Birth of Baby Bohdan - 30.09.2014

My “guess date” 20th September came and went without anything happening. I had an appointment with the doctor 4 days later and I was determined to bring this baby on myself so like all other expectant mothers I tried it all I was walking twice a day, bounced on my Swiss ball, raspberry leave tea, eating pineapple and dates like crazy you name it I tried it.

On the 24th at my doctor’s appointment we talked and talked about my options and I am sure that it came across that being induced was my last option, lucky for me the doctor was very supportive and listened to my preferences. We decided to try a stretch and sweep and give me 5 more days before being booked in for an induction. The stretch and sweep was unsuccessful my cervix was tight as a drum, I told myself that bub just wasn’t ready yet and to allow my body time to do what it is meant to do. For the next 5 days I listened to the affirmations and relaxation scripts over and over again and got my husband to read the fear release to me while I was in bath (scented with clary sage), I kept up my walks and was bouncing like crazy on my Swiss ball.

On the day that I was booked into have an induction I was still determined to do this my way or my baby’s way, we were meant to be at the hospital at 4pm so I locked myself in my bedroom for most of the day trying to stay relaxed and focused. I had my oil burner on, relaxing music and I even had a time lap’s video of lotus flowers opening playing on my computer. I kept up this calm mind frame on the way to the hospital by listening to rainbow mist and calm music in the car. After a very lengthy talk with the midwife and then the doctor about my birth preferences and wishes for the birth, I agreed to one round of the gel and to be able to try the gel 3 times before moving on to any other induction methods. The doctor informed me that as my cervix was still closed that it would take time before the gel would take effect and I would have to stay overnight and they would apply another round in the morning. I also remember him saying something about how they don’t like women to birth at night as they were not staffed well enough to deal with too many births I thought this was an odd thing to say.

Within 30min of having the gel able I began to have mild surges which I found easy to breathe through and was happy that things were happening. My partner went out and got some food for us to eat for dinner (hospital food is not appealing) we had dinner and the surges were getting a little stronger and closer together but I was still managing really well to breathe through them. By now it was past visiting hours and the midwife was telling me that my husband would have to leave as he couldn’t stay overnight in the maternity ward, the plan was for me to get some sleep and he could come back in the morning when they would reassess my condition. I asked her if there was any way he could stay as I was sure that things were happening and I was worried that he would not be there for support and plus I didn’t think that I would be sleeping as things were getting more and more intense. The midwife put the monitor on me and could see that yes I was having very regular surges and that maybe it would be a good idea for hubby to stay, she put us in the birthing suit with the pool and set us up to go to sleep for the night.

After about half an hour of trying to sleep and breathe through the now very strong surges that were coming closer and closer together I was finding it hard to keep my focus I was not prepared for things to happen this quick and I was taken by surprise by how quick things intensified. After some prep talking from my husband and listening to my affirmations I refocused and continued to breathe and manage the intensity of the surges. Not long after I need to go to the toilet to poop bad and was grateful as I was happy to not poop myself during labour. On the toilet I lost my mucus plug and also felt something else still hanging out of my vajaj, worried that it was the cord or something else I called my husband to get the midwife I was still on the toilet when she came in as I was too worried to move. After a quick look she told me that it was the some of the water sack that had not broken yet, after a quick quiz of how often I was getting surges she asked if it was ok to examine me as she was thinking that I would be close. I gave consent and asked her to not tell me how far along I was unless I was close to things happening. After her exam she told me i was 10cm and ready to go. Wow I was not expecting that I was thinking that I would be in the hospital all night and well into the next day I was looking forward to the pool and having my music going but I guess bub had other plans.

Now that I knew that things were happing and my baby wasn’t far away I had new focus and I was ready I just had to find a position that was comfortable and lying on my back on the bed was not! I tried laying on my side but I threw up so that was no good, I was leaning and squatting of the side of the bed and this was working well for me but by now things were really getting intense and I was struggling with my focus and breathing I could also feel the head moving down. The midwife suggested to try the gas and in a moment of weakness I said yes after a few breaths of the gas I knew it was a bad idea, I felt dizzy and not connected to the situation. But this did help me refocus as I knew I wanted to be connected to this moment I knew that things were happening fast. I got back onto the bed and got into a knelling position leaning against the top of the bed and started to breathe my baby down with each surge, I will admit that I was very vocal at this point. But I found I was handling things well and was even looking forward to surges as I knew that bub was not far away. After a few more long and vocal breaths out bub was finally here after only 3 hours of active labour. I got to hold him straight away and after turning myself around on the bed we even managed to get bub to feed almost straight away.

I am so happy with the birth even though things didn’t go to my plan I am thankful that it was an easy and uncompleted birth I had no drugs, no intervention and no tearing and I know that it is all because of the techniques that I have learnt through hypnobirthing. I am also very thankful that the midwifes at Rockhampton base were very accommodating in applying all my birth preferences.

Kimberly - Rockhampton

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