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Our birth was so Amazing and Positive!

Hi Shari,

I have been meaning to contact you after we completed our Hypnobirthing course to let you know that it was the most rewarding and incredible thing we could have done leading up to the birth of our bubba (we welcomed him to the world 4 weeks early).

I must admit as a couple we didn't practice the techniques together. (I was amazed that Austin even came to the classes with me and i knew he wouldn't really practice them after finishing, but he came so that was a plus haha.), however i did listen to the affirmations every morning while showering or making breakfast and then of an evening I also constantly practiced the breathing techniques while on the toilet or again while getting ready for work. I started putting together a labour playlist with music that relaxed me and made me feel empowered and also saved images that again made me feel strong and confident so i could visualise these while birthing.

So the story of our surprise birth is actually quiet a funny one, but our amazing birth is all because of what we learnt with you!

It was my first day of maternity leave and I was so excited to start getting everything organised, complete the nursery, pack my hospital bag and nappy bag, finish my labour playlist, print all the images and make a board for the room, spring clean the house..however our little man had other ideas.

I went for a walk with my mother and sister in-law along the beach (first time since i was about 12weeks pregnant as i had so much morning/all day sickness i couldn't continue my exercise throughout my pregnancy).

At this point in my pregnancy i had started wearing liners and on our way back i noticed i kept ‘weeing’ myself with every step. I tried switching on my pelvic floor but it was no use. I was so embarrassed that i didn't tell my mum and sister in-law. Once i was back home i had to change into a pad because it was gushing out every time i stood up or walked. I even spoke with one of my girlfriends who has a 9mth old and told her, ‘my pelvic floor has totally broken, and she said oh i know its horrible isn't it’ we both didn't think anything of it, and it hadn't even occurred to me that my waters had broken.

Anyway this was happening all day long from 11.30am. My husband came home from work and i had cooked dinner so at this point it was around 7.30pm. I went to the bathroom and there was a tiny bit of blood i showed this to him and he said to call the maternity ward just to double check, i wasn't even going to bother them because i felt fine.

I called and told them about the blood, and also that i had been ‘weeing’ myself (she seemed a little concerned about that statement) , she asked if i was in pain, at this point i had already been experiencing period like craps for a few weeks and i had always suffered from really bad period pain anyway so it didn't feel much different, i mentioned i had a little back pain but nothing unusual. She said we needed to come in and just get checked.

So in we go, nothing packed totally unaware..

i was fully effaced and 2cm dilated. They started making a bed up for my husband as they said it probably wouldn't happen for a little while and for us to get some rest. Austin was on the phone to our parents as we didn't have a hospital bag packed yet and our dog needed to be fed (we were definitely not prepared)

Anyway the surges were becoming more intense as the night went on so the midwife checked and i was 8cm dilated!

We welcomed our beautiful baby boy Hudson Rocky Moy into the world at 12.29am on 18th September. I was in active labour for around 3.30hrs, i was able to have a totally natural birth with the amazing support of my husband as well as the midwives and my obstetrician. In between surges i was so relaxed that austin said it was like i fell straight to sleep and i would wake again when the next one started, towards the end i was definitely roaring my baby out and when he was finally here i was still so relaxed and in the zone that the obstetrician had to wake me to hold our baby boy.

I also should mention that John Flynn on the Gold Coast totally support the Hypnobirthing techniques 100%, the midwives were absolutely incredible i was being massaged by one of them with essential oils they had supplied, also in every room they have a salt lamp and music dock and they set the room up for you. They leave you be until you need them or ask for them. Our entire experience with John Flynn was incredible!!

Anyway long story short we thank you so much for all the knowledge you provided, although as a couple we didn't practice I was amazed with how much Austin actually learnt and retained and was able to be there for me and provide me with what i needed without me having to ask. I had already been raving about the course to everyone but ever since the birth i have all my friends and family telling their friends and family about it because my birth was so amazing and positive. We thank you so so much!!!

We will forever remember this experience and cherish that moment, i also feel it has brought my husband and i closer together in a way that cant be explained, he looks at me with so much love and pride it makes me weak at the knees.

Natalie & Austin

Gold Coast

To booking into a Hypnobirthing course with me CLICK HERE

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