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My accidental 4 minute Home Birth!!

My Birthing Day of Millie Freya

I woke to the sound of my dog at my window whimpering, I thought to myself this is beyond odd, he never does this.. but I didn’t think much of it. As a joke because it was like 4:30 in the morning I rolled over to my husband and said as a joke I’m going to have a baby today..

He replied “your not, go back to sleep”

What felt like three seconds later my son came all sleepy eyed into the bedroom and asked for big cuddles.. He kissed my belly and said good morning to his best friend.

We started to get ready for our day, we where going to take Brax to see an old Stream Train at our local train station where his Poppy works. He was so excited that he just wanted to go, it was 8 and the train wasn’t there until 11 and we still needed to have breakfast so my husband made breakfast as I waddled into the kitchen I felt this weird sensation..

it was like a contraction but no where near what I thought a contractor should feel like..

( let’s have a little bit of a back story, with my first I thought I was in labour so I called the hospital and they where like surely your not because your still on the phone talking to me without being breathless etc etc. I called them back at 11 saying I’m going up to the hospital because somethings not right then if I’m not i labour ... and well 4 hours later I had my beautiful son so I don’t really know how powerful a surge can be )

So I was like oh that’s strange.. it happened again. In my head I was like oh it’s just Braxton Hicks they will ease up soon. Which they did so we went to see the steam train but when we where there I turned to Sam and said “ Okay something is not right! I want to go to the hospital now.”

We lived in calliope so just as a precaution we took Brax to my mums who is also in calliope but he was so hungry we decided to get something to eat! During lunch I still had this strange sense that something was up but it wasn’t painful. In fact it was just rather annoying.

Anyway we drove the 30 odd minutes to calliope and back and at the hospital they checked my belly listened to her heart and just decided I was maybe in early labour but because I couldn’t really describe what it felt like when it happened they didn’t really know. The nurse was amazing mind you she told us that we could hang around or we could go home but we could never be sure what is going to happen.

As a joke she was like “ do you know what to do if you have the baby at home”

Sam and I both laughed and said “ straight into the bathroom .. not getting the carpets dirty”

So off we went back him as we still had everything to put into the car and pack!

We stopped for petrol and did a few things and ended up back at home but as we pulled up this massive wave of emotion and pulling came upon me I knew I was definitely in labour. This was 13:50pm

Not knowing how long this was going to be I hopped into the shower.. Sam was like okay so I What are we doing are we going now.

I was like “ I don’t know Sam I don’t really feel like going anywhere just yet”

I didn’t have another surge either so I didn’t know if I was in pre labour early labour or if I was in labour I was kind of just assuming.

Sam was in and out packing towels asking questions about where the stuff to be honest it was rather annoying ! ( sorry Sam )

But then something came into my mind that I needed to sit down and just have a moment.

At that moment I felt this balloon in between my legs. I couldn’t believe it it! I knew exactly what that was! That’s my water sac!

I was holding it! It was magically

I knew this was time “ SAM CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW”

Sam ran in! He called 000 but by the time they answered I felt her head!

I remember the lady saying “ can you see the head” Sam was like “no she is in a position where I can’t really see anything.”

I laughed and was like “ Sam she is here and at that moment At 14:03pm i realised I had my beautiful baby girl on my chest!

We latched straightaway and just enjoyed that moment.

We both where in such a shock we couldn’t believe it! I was just in awe!

Sam was on the phone still and was talking I couldn’t really hear what was being said I just remember a towel being thrown on us and Sam discussing about my placenta.

That’s when it hit me. Shit I need to birth my placenta now. I remember how this went last time. It was sitting in my vagina the hole time but there was a slight tear I was bleeding heaps .

I made sure Sam told comms about that!

They told me that the ambulance is 22 minutes away and that I need to remain calm .

There was heaps of blood I was getting in a state of panic but that’s when I remembered everything Shari taught me!

I remained calm!

I kept saying ! I just delivered my baby ! I did it all by myself!

Eventually they arrived they did some checks.

I could see in their faces how panicked they where about the blood but I didn’t let it get in my head! Sam made sure the cord had stopped pulsing and that’s when I knew that I was in the best hands now and Sam knew everything so he would be able to make the final decision if anything was to be made.

My placenta still had not been birthed!

We needed to leave for the hospital now.

So in the ambulance I was still feeding Millie and trying to birth placenta.

It was agreed that we would have a shot of syntocinon it was now 45 minutes alarm bells where ringing..

We got to the hospital and the nurse who saw me earlier apologised and felt terrible!

But you know what!

It wasn’t her fault I left and it’s nothing to be sorry about! I had the best birth ever!

Anyway we did some more checks and the midwife said I have 10 more minutes until they will need to removed the placenta!

That was not happening!

I tried everything!

I ended up going to the toilet and it just fell out!

That was amazing!

We weighed Millie and did the finally checks!

They declared her healthy and fit and asked if I would like to go home!

I decided not to I wanted to stay!

Anyway to cut my story short!

Without my education from Shari and my personal research! I honestly don’t think it would of been so amazing!

Sam even agrees that he would be lost without everything he has learnt from Hypnobirthing!

Thank you Shari

It means the world to us!

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