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The techniques I learnt from Hypnobirthing classes helped alleviate the fear of birth!

Birth Story of Matilda June

My husband Adam and I did Shari’s course just before I entered my third trimester. After our first session, we already felt so positive about the birthing process. As a Naturopath, I understood how our frame of mind can so profoundly affect our physiology, and how incredible the human body is. I also understood how all things in the natural world can be unpredictable, especially giving birth, so I needed to be adaptable and comfortable with whatever turn our birthing was to take, trust in my body and those around me, and release any fears I had surrounding the birthing process.

I had surrounding our baby’s birth, and taught me how to maintain a positive mindset leading up to and during the birth. Although we got the beautiful natural birth we craved, I was at peace with the unpredictability of it all, and our only certain goal was to have a healthy baby in our arms.

Six days over my estimated due date, my membranes ruptured. I was ecstatic that I didn’t require a medical induction. As Shari and our midwife recommended, I stayed home for as long as possible before heading into the hospital. At home, I was relaxed, surrounded by comforting things, with the hypnobirthing CDs playing in the background. In hindsight, I probably didn’t need to play the CDs, because I had listened to them so much during my pregnancy I knew them off by heart! Of the 12 hours I was in labour, 9 hours were spent at home and within an hour of getting to hospital our midwife was surprised to see that I was fully dilated. I continued to trust in my body’s ability to birth, breathed through each surge with confidence, and repeated the affirmations in my mind. With my fantastic OB, Midwife and husband supporting me, 3 hours after arriving at hospital our healthy little

girl, Matilda, entered the world.

The things my husband said and did the day Matilda was born made a world of difference. Looking back, so much of this was learnt in the hypnobirthing course. He had a clear and very important role of supporting me, understanding our options, being our voice by making decisions for us on the day, making sure I was eating and drinking enough, keeping our friends and families updated and communicating our preferences. He was simply amazing. After I gave birth, our wonderful midwife told Adam I was every midwife’s dream, and that she wouldn’t forget our birth for a very long time, which surprised us and delighted us!

Shari was professional, caring and so genuinely supportive through the whole journey! Her course was not only full of practical techniques and helpful information; it was also incredibly empowering and gave us the confidence to trust that we could have the beautiful positive birth we hoped for. Our calm, content little baby Matilda is now 7 weeks old, and we’re loving parenthood!

Stacey & Adam

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