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Caesarean Birth Story "I certainly had a beautiful calm birth and was prepared for whatever tur

My beautiful birth story

It has taken me literally weeks to write my birth story. Not because I didn't want to but simply because I have been enjoying being a mum, something I never thought I would do. My pregnancy journey started out as a complete shock. My husband and I never planned on having children, and quite honestly my pregnancy couldn't have come at a worse time for us. I was really unwell with morning sickness, actually lets call it all day sickness, and all of this mixed together, I guess I really didn't have the best mind set in the early stages to say the least.

That all changed when a friend of mine introduced me to Shari's hypnobirthing classes.

Not only did my attitude change but so did my husbands. After our first class we both walked away with a totally different attitude about birth and especially about the beautiful baby that we were about to be blessed with.

Apart from my all day sickness my health and bubs health was great all throughout my pregnancy, and I do think this was due to me practicing my hypnobirthing techniques, as I was in a fairly high pressure job on my feet for at least 10 hours a day. Our baby was in the perfect position right up until around 36weeks when he decided he preferred to be in the breach position. It was then that I remembered the techniques and websites that were provided during our classes and I started the spinning babies exercises to naturally encourage Bub into the ideal position for birthing, and within a few weeks he was perfectly positioned.

A couple of days before my estimated due date I decided to use the essential oils and other techniques to naturally encourage labor and at lunch time on my estimate date my membranes ruptured and I had my very first surge. I was so excited I couldn't wait to call my husband and tell him the exciting news that we were about to meet our beautiful baby.

He came home and straight away set up all of my birthing tools for me. My candles, defuser, beautiful relaxation music, he filled the bath, and set up my positive affirmation board. I simply relaxed and swayed my way through my surges.

My husband called the hospital to let them know I was in labor, and as per my OB's request we did go in to be checked once my surges were 5 mins apart as my membranes had ruptured.

I was extremely fortunate to have great midwives who understood hypnobirthing and were very accommodating. They monitored bubs heart rate and mine for a short time and I was allowed to go home. Later that night we decided we wanted to return to the hospital as my surges were quite close together and strong and I was not prepared for a home birth. The nurses complimented me on how calm, relaxed and quiet I was, and at one stage thought I was sleeping. I had been birthing for 16 hours and my OB, husband and I decided that I would allow him to examine me. He also was very understanding of hypnobirthing, and after my examination he calmly explained that medically it might be best for me to have an epidural as my cervix was swelling instead of dilating and this would be the safest way for me to continue to birth naturally. After discussing all of our options, especially what was safest for our baby, we agreed to an epidural, and once more I returned to my calm relaxed state. I actually used my hypnobirthing techniques to have the epidural and honestly did not feel the needles at all. At the 24 hour mark my OB again examined me and unfortunately the news was not what we had hoped for, and after going over all of our options together we decided it was best to deliver our baby by c-section.

As I was prepared for surgery, I again used the techniques Shari had taught us to relax and stay calm, and more than once the doctors and nurses had to ask my husband if I was even awake as I was so relaxed. Not once during the birth of my baby did my heart rate change, and for the entire birth our baby was also calm and relaxed. His heart rate stayed stable as well. In the end, although we did not have our ideal birth as we had planned,

. I was not scared, I didn't feel pain, my baby was safe and healthy, and I was safe and healthy.

I still to this day use the techniques I learned in my hypnobirthing classes, to relax myself and my baby. He is the most placid calm, happy little guy and if he is a bit unsettled all I have to do is put on my hypnobirthing music and he is asleep in no time, he loves it. He also loves my positive affirmation board, this is a photo of him relaxing, just looking at it. I still have it on my wall as its a beautiful reminder of my beautiful journey.

Tamara & Brenden


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