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I had a natural birth with no Gas or Pain Relief!

Birth Story of Creed - 18th August 2016

The day before Creed was born would have been one of the most relaxing days my partner and I spent together. The following morning I woke up from my sleep to my waters breaking at this stage I had very weak and not so consistent surges/contractions. We phoned the hospital and were told to come up to be checked out, we were then sent home to continue labour and were told that they wouldn't expect to see us until that night.

My labour progressed extremely quickly it wasn’t long after we arrived home that I started to get strong and quick surges/contractions where I felt the urge to push. An hour later we were back up at the hospital fully dilated and ready to birth.

I gave birth to our beautiful boy Creed on the 18th of August at 10:35am, he arrived 2 weeks before his expected due date. I was extremely lucky to be able to use the birthing pool for a water birth, 30 minutes of being in the pool I had birthed our little man.

I had a natural birth with no gas or pain relief, I focused all my energy on bringing our baby out into the world and used the breathing techniques we learnt from the Hypnobirthing classes. My partner also was such great support and knew exactly what to say to keep me focused. I had no tearing or complications and was out of hospital that very next morning. I believe this has to do with keeping calm throughout my labour and birth along with using the correct breathing techniques.

My overall experience was so calm and positive and I don’t think I could have achieved such a pleasant experience without the education and support from Shari and the Hypnobirthing classes.

Before attending the hypnobirthing class, I had not a great idea of how to handle labour and had only heard of the horror stories. Although once attending I came out the other side in control and calm knowing exactly how I wanted to handle it.

Aaron and I are extremely happy and we have such a chilled out and calm little man, and I believe that is all because of how we handled the labour and birth. When people ask about my birth experience I am happy to tell the story and how positive my experience was.

Thank you

Riann and Aaron


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