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"The Gold Coast hospital staff were all 100% supportive of Hypnobirthing"

Hi Shari,

Just thought I’d send you a quick email to say thanks for everything. The clary sage most definitely works (either that or just perfect timing) Chris gave me a foot massage last Tuesday night with it and we went into labour Wednesday night. 5 1/2 hours later Archer was born via water birth at the uni hospital.

I also have to say the information you gave on dilation times was right on the money. When we got to the hospital at around 9pm the midwife told Chris I was 5cm dilated. (I asked not to be told) then within 2 hours I went from 5cm - 10cm.

During this time I used the visual of riding a wave to the highest point of the surge and gently back down and Chris said he couldn't tell I was having surges at all anymore and thought the labour had slowed or stopped all together.

I won’t say it was pain free but I can and do say that my labour and birth experience was amazing! I never once felt scared or fearful of what was happening. I was able to go into a place where I felt comfortable and excited and I think that helped me keep focused and ride the surges one at a time.

The Gold Coast hospital staff were all 100% supportive of hypnobirthing. They didn’t hesitate to leave us be but also be there when and if required. Chris was able to deliver Archer in the bath which was just perfect.

We recommend hypnobirthing to everyone. Birthing without fear has by far given us a joyful and empowering experience of having our first baby.

Again, we can’t thank you enough. We love telling our story and it truly makes me so proud of myself and Chris.

I still can’t believe I felt no pain with the surges (only during the pushing stage) this was my biggest fear. I think after I realized what I had done the pride I felt within myself was immeasurable and still is. I have a confidence I didn’t have before and it’s all thanks to you and the hypnobirthing techniques you taught us.

Thanks again.

Paris, Chris & Archer....

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