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Our Nice Quick Labour!

With my due date 5 days away I could feel that our new baby was going to come soon. I was getting contraction like pains at night and we were just totally ready for her! I got my hands on some DoTerra clary sage oil and made sure to rub it on my belly through the day, accompanied by a clary sage bath that night which I’ll soon talk about. I walked up and down the Tannum beach stairs and the pressure from walking down really helped me picture her moving down, I had a gentle jump on the trampoline with my 2 daughters, again feeling the pressure of her little head. All that day I lost some mucus plug, but didn’t get over excited because this can happen days before labour!

I gave my body a rest for the afternoon (as much as I could between keeping the kids busy, bathing them etc.) and ran myself a bath about 7pm that night, added the clary sage and just closed my eyes relaxing. I thought about the moment she’ll finally be here! Pictured her moving down, and pictured my husband and the girls also meeting her for the first time. The smell of clary sage was strong! I finally felt a contraction like pain. I had about 3 tightening with some pain in the bath but as soon as I hoped out they went away. I did some ball movements then went to bed, hopeful the contractions would come whilst my body was relaxed. At about 12:30 I woke up from a contraction, still didn’t get excited because I wanted to see a pattern before I did. 10 minutes later I’d felt another contraction, and from then they’d kept coming quickly getting closer together. I woke my husband and he ran we a nice warm bath, which got us excited as they weren’t stopping now. Being about 6 minutes apart (some even closer) we woke my oldest daughter Lexie up and told her baby was on her way (she really wanted to be a part of the labour and I couldn’t think of anything more special!) Not long after my contractions had jumped to 5 minutes apart so we called my mother in law to sleep here with our youngest. We met my family on the way to the hospital. On the way I’d had lots of contractions, talking to Lexie about it, all of us getting excited. We arrived at the hospital and I could barely walk to the room because my contractions were so close, so I had to get pushed in a wheelchair The bath was sitting ready for me but I wanted to wait until they got even closer to get in. I put my music through the speaker and closed my eyes breathing through my contractions, standing. My family and husband were all quiet letting me do my thing. Lexie had a lot of questions and impatience, she was just so excited!

I’d started pushing so my family waited outside, it all happened so fast. During my contractions Lexie was in and out of the room asking if her new sister was here yet, asking if I was okay, making me so happy and full of endorphins. Jacob rubbed my back, tickled me and comforted me as we reached the last stage of labour.

My water broke and her head was out basically straight away. Lexie standing in front of the bath watching it all happen. ‘I can see babies head!’ ‘There’s blood are you okay!?’ ‘Her head is there!!’ Lexie was so excited running to my family updating them, making us and the midwives giggle. I just feel like this really made my labour experience so special!

Her head was out for a long 4 minutes, but with Jacob comforting me, and getting excited with me and with the help of my midwife Peta her shoulders finally came out pushing her entire body out. Finally! We had our beautiful daughter with us. She was full of vernix. December 8th at 5:02am. Nice quick labour! One thing I remember from this labour was mum peeking her head in to make sure everything was okay. Because I was just so quiet! This is because I was focusing on my baby, my breathing and my thoughts. Hypnobirthing really was the key to my successful enjoyable and memorable births and I can’t thank you enough Shari! Moments I will never ever forgot.

Claudia & Jacob


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