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My Birth was Fast and Empowering, everything I hoped it would be!

Hi Shari,

Just wanted to again say thank you, the course that you delivered was absolutely amazing and more than prepared me for what labour would bring. I think its so wonderful that you advocate and inform women about believing in the rights and capabilities of our birthing bodies! I'm so glad you are around educating and supporting women to empower themselves and their birth partners, especially the role of birth partners!

My Birth was fast and empowering, everything I hoped it would be, or as my partner said in our preferences, 'efficient.' - I thought it was a joke. I feel very privileged that I managed to get into the birth centre. The midwives that looked after me were absolutely fantastic, I felt very supported by the team regarding my birth preferences and my desire for a drug free natural birth.

Dustin was born on the Monday 17th December, 14 minutes after midnight. I had been getting lots of tightenings on Saturday and I just had a feeling that Sunday or Monday was going to be the day. My partner Craig had a course up in Brisbane that day and a cricket match, so my friend came over to look after me. We chilled on the sofa, watched lots of TV and I moved into lots of different positions to relieve the sensations, it really helped to lay over the sofa in a froggy position. I had a show throughout the day and I was so excited because I knew my body was preparing to deliver our beautiful baby soon. Somehow, I managed to get a great nights sleep on Saturday -apparently I was snoring- before the real event started on Sunday.

All day I felt a pressure building in my pelvis, I made sure to stay hydrated and started listening to the birthing affirmations and tracks, they really do help! I managed to go for a little walk with the dog and Craig even put some ribs on. I remember jokingly telling him that I wasn't going to be able to eat them tonight. I lost my appetite quite rapidly that day and from 7 pm I realised that I was having strong consistent surges, I started bouncing on the ball in the shower, the surges really were like waves building in intensity and I worked hard on my breathing, eventually I was mooing with my out breath to work through the sensations before they ebbed away. I asked Craig to call the midwife, she informed us that if it was going to be tonight, she was helping another lady who was already in labour so we would be seeing someone else. I didn't feel any panic over this because I knew that Tracey our midwife would convey my preferences and I also had Craig with me and knew he would advocate for me.

By 8 PM my surges were so strong I couldn't sit down on the ball anymore, I had to stand and hold on to Craig to breath through the sensations, I also vomited, but again I knew it was my body preparing me for the final event and I didn't feel fearful. We called the midwife again, but because I was able to talk to her she suggested another hour. From 8 - 9 was the time that my energy and resolve flagged slightly but again, Craig was there to support me, I remember telling him that I wanted to give up and that it was too intense, he reminded me that, that must mean that the little guy was almost ready to meet us. He called the midwife again and she finally told us to come in.

During the drive I had my eyes shut, listened to surge of the sea and really concentrated on my breathing. My body was giving me a lull and I trusted what it was doing. We finally made it to the birth centre but had to go to the birth suites while I waited for a midwife to be called in. At this point a nurse asked to check how far along I was, otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to my room. The idea of lying down was awful. Craig said later on that they didn't believe I was very far along because it was my first birth and had only been in active labour for 3 hours. Once I finally managed to lay down they quickly checked and I was 8 cm dilated. I distinctly remember the nurse asking me if I wanted to know or not before she told me, at this point they hurried me into one of the birthing centre rooms.

Craig was asking when the pool could be filled up but we had to wait for the midwife who was on call to arrive, at this point we had a wonderful midwife from the birthing suites who stayed with me throughout the final stages of my labour, I found her voice and coaching very soothing. Again I didn't feel scared or panicked and focused on breathing through my surges. Suddenly, my surges took a strange turn and I was trying to half squat and push. I realised that I was transitioning, at this point my brain really took a back seat. I managed to sit on the toilet and let my body surge and push, it was incredible. My waters broke at this point with a loud pop! It was pretty awesome!

Finally the midwife arrived, took one look at me and was filling up the pool. That was the most intense period. The moment it was full I pretty much dived in, it felt amazing, I knew it my body seemed to know it and suddenly, my muscles were pushing in earnest. To keep up with my body, I just roared along - literally. It was really amazing feeling my body and baby taking control, finally his head popped out and the midwife asked me to raise my leg. My body rested a while and with one final push his shoulders came out with the rest of his body. I gently received him into my arms. It was beautiful. We just stared at each other in shock.

I then delivered the placenta naturally 45 minutes later with little Dustin feeding to help me along, it really does work! My midwife even came to visit me from the neighbouring room and to congratulate me, that night I felt so much gratitude for the job the midwives do and for the support of my husband. Must have been all of those oxytocin vibes.

Hannah & Craig

Gold Coast

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Once again thank you! One week on Dustin is a thriving happy baby!


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