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I’m so thankful for your hypnobirthing course.

Hi Shari,

Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, we’ve now had our little bundle of joy - Capri Lottie Livingstone.

Capri was born at 6:08 am on Thursday 4/2.

I was 41+6 on the day she was born.

The hospital tried to induce me on Tuesday 2nd but I went to the appointment and declined which they were happy to support.

I started having contractions on Wednesday and after they became what felt unbearable we went to the hospital at 11 am.

I was only 3cm dilated at the time and didn’t progress any further for around 12 hours. The hospital was talking about breaking my waters however I decided to go home at 12am and wait for it to all happen naturally.

At 3:30 am I woke up at home to my waters breaking and we rushed to the hospital where I was 5cm dilated and everything was happening quickly.

I opted to make use of the bath at the hospital to help with the pain. It helped me remain calm and to remember to breathe with each surge.

Before long I was getting out of the bath and standing up leaning against the bed pushing out our little girl. I only had to push for around 25-30 minutes which was amazing.

I managed to get through the whole labour drug-free.

I’m so thankful for your hypnobirthing course. Without it, I would have been extremely uneducated and wouldn’t have understood my rights as a woman

to say no to anything I didn’t want.



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