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"My partner was incredible and I do owe it to your course, he was calm, he even helped deliver bub "

My partner and I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful course. Our sweet baby boy entered the world on 25th February, he was four days late but came in his own perfect time.

Once I was overdue but baby boy was low and in the perfect position I went to acupuncture with Greg at Aus Acu on Friday 24 February and he expressed the need for a few more sessions before I could potentially go into labour. For me, my body going into labour naturally with no medical intervention was my primary goal and I had absolutely no signs other than braxton hicks up until I went into spontaneous labour on 25 February at 12:50am.

I prepared for a long labour, that labour may potentially stop however from 12:50am I laboured consistently and strongly. From the beginning I was unable to sleep through the contractions so I placed my tens machine on, laid down and listened to my positive birth affirmations and simply focussed on breathing.

I laboured at home until 10am, we arrived at the hospital at 10:40am. My waters hadn’t broken and I got into the water where I remained the rest of my labour. My partner was incredible setting up the room, speaking for me and advocating for me. When I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore my partner was consistent with reminding me to breathe, to just go one more contraction and knew that I was in transition and not to let me give up. Something that made my labour more difficult was the pins and needles in my entire body, my hands were even seizing up. I started to use gas and air to control my breathing. I asked to be checked and I was 7-8cm around 12:30pm but when I got back to the water I had an urge to push, the midwife encouraged me not to push due to not being fully dilated but I listened to my body and that push broke my waters, I dilated to 10cm and birthed my sweet boy head and body all in one push at 1:17pm a perfect 3.42kg.

My partner was incredible and I do owe it to your course, he was calm, he even helped deliver our baby out of the water and placed him on my chest. I sat in the water in awe that my body just knew how to bring our sweet boy into the world, that my labour was such a positive experience and that my partner was so prepared for everything that he got to enjoy the whole experience also, his encouragement and being right in there with me was everything I needed.

We were home within 24 hours and have been soaking up our newborn bubble!

Forever grateful to my older sister recommending hypnobirthing and for your course!

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