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I’m so proud of all of us for staying calming and remaining positive through our experience.

Our beautiful Rosie-Lane was born on the 19/03 at 10:20 pm weighing 9 pounds 4oz.

It was the most magical experience of our lives. When we finally got to see her little face it was like a whole entire year of emotions just came pouring out from both of us.

Our experience was completely different to what I had envisioned and different to our preferences but we did what we felt was right for the safe arrival of our beautiful girl.

On The Sunday/Monday I had started to leak clear fluids but it was only very minimal so I didn’t think much of it. On Tuesday we went out for a beautiful lunch at Rae’s at Wategos beach and the fluid leaking had definitely increased so I called the hospital just to get their opinion and they wanted me to come in and do a test to see if it was amniotic fluid. In a bit of disbelief jack even commented saying let’s just wait until tomorrow, this isn’t how I pictured this all starting but In my gut, I knew I had to go get checked. The test was positive. They asked what I wanted to do, they could induce me or I could Go home and see if labour would start naturally. The wanted me to go back the next day to get checked again so we went back and they wanted to induce me then and there, I asked if I could please have one more day and they agreed. I couldn’t leave it any later than the Thursday as my waters would have then been broken for longer than 72 hours. Jack and I went home, so excited and feeling positive that we would go into labour naturally. We went for a big walk, ate pineapple, had a spicy dinner, cranked up the clary sage oil, tried the acupressure points, light touch massage etc but unfortunately, nothing eventuated. We went into the hospital at 7 am with all of our bags, the tears were flowing in the car, my emotions were raging.. I didn’t know how to feel, I was so excited we were about to meet our baby.

At about 8 am I was checked and I was 1.5cm and they couldn’t feel any waters there at all, they started me on the oxytocin to get things moving. I was having a great time, surges had started but I wasn’t feeling anything much. I was completely calm. I was checked again at 12 pm and I had progressed to 2-3cm. 

Still coping well and in good spirits deep down I was thinking I thought I would be feeling more by now. I was checked again at 4 pm and I hadn’t progressed any further. The oxytocin was put up and I could feel my stomach contracting. They were extremely close together and my body wasn’t getting a rest. I was checked again at 8 pm and I still hadn’t progressed and babies heart rate was rising, they mentioned a c-section to me which I was prepared for. They said they will check again in an hour and we will make the call. Jack left to go get some dinner as I was feeling okay to be on my own. 

At 9 pm I was still only 2-3cm and babies heart rate was reaching 180bpm and at some stages 200bpm. The decision was made to have an emergency c-section. I went to the bathroom to gather my thoughts and call jack to come back but he had just walked back in the door. It was going time from then gearing up. 

I was still so calm but becoming really emotional. This is my story and we are about to meet our baby. I was over the moon.

The surgeons spoke through everything they needed to and took me in for the c-section when administering the anaesthetic into my back I used my breathing techniques, they said they had never seen anyone so calm and so still.

 This made me remember how in control I really was, it was such a good feeling.

Jack was by my side the whole time, it was like our own little world behind the curtain. They asked if I wanted to play music but I was too in the zone to even think about putting anything on.

When the procedure was happening someone put music on and it made the moment we met Rosie-Lane even more special, i couldn’t tell you what song it was but I remember it being the happiest time. Rosie was lifted above the curtain and we found out she was a girl!! The tears really started flowing now, what an incredible moment meeting our beautiful baby. We asked to do delayed cord clamping and then jack cut the cord, what a magical moment.

A love between the 3 of us like no other.

Our experience was completely the opposite to what we had pictured for ourselves but we are totally happy with how our beautiful daughter came into this world. I’m so proud of all of us for staying calming and remaining positive through our experience.

Hypnobirthing truly helped us and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you so much for all of your help Shari. We are so grateful. 

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