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Birth Story of Nate - 11.10.14 Gladstone

Hypnobirthing was not known to me when I had my first child back in 2011 so when I heard of it through my friend Shari who was the hypnobirthing practitioner here in Gladstone I just knew I wanted to give it a go.

Shari's own birth video inspired me even more and I highly recommend those who are interested in a calm positive birth to watch it too. I was amazed at the information I learnt through doing these classes. I then choose to practice and condition myself to these tools and techniques from about 27 weeks when I finished the classes right up to my birthing day.

The day finally came when I got to I meet my son....

Saturday 11th of October at around 9am I was about to head out for a walk to the shops when I felt my first tightening’s for the day, I got excited and called Daniel to come home from work, I just knew it was the day!

I managed to make it to the shops and home when my tightening’s soon turned to surges ( contractions) It was time to get in my element. I had my ‘Surge of the sea music playing and I put my diffuser on with lavender and then rubbed clarry sage on my tummy and lower back. I continued to stay calm and distract myself with house work for a bit longer , it was like I went into my last nesting period before bub came.

As my surges got stronger I would rock by the kitchen bench or on the ball and use my breathing techniques I had learnt in class. By 11am Daniel arrived home. We started to get in the zone more by using light touches, affirmations and I focused on my breathing, I was having surges every 3-5 mins for about 30-40 seconds. I felt great and just kept visualising my baby being born on this day! I was in the zone and in no way feeling any pain or urge to leave for hospital.

At about 1.30pm I had some lunch and sat down chatting to mum and Daniel about meeting our little boy. The surges were easily 2-3 mins apart going for 40-50 seconds. Mum suggested calling the maternity ward to let them know how I was going. At this time I had my show and I knew it was time to go. I put my headphones in and continued listening to my music/affirmations on the 25 minute drive to hospital so I could keep calm and relaxed.

By 230pm we arrived at hospital and we went into the birthing suite. We set the scene with the diffuser and music as well as requesting the gas to be removed from the room. At 3.15pm my awesome midwife did an examination and was surprised I was already 6cms Dilated! Her words " wow you are really calm for this far along"! I was stoked with my progress and how long I had stayed at home in my element. By 4ish I was in the birthing pool feeling the transition stage kick in. Mum re focused me and Daniel kept the light touches coming (they are amazing) I could feel my baby moving down and I kept trying to breath as it got more intense! I felt pressure but not pain. I lasted maybe 20 minutes in the birth pool before I had the urge to breathe down. So I got out of the pool (not allowed to birth in it here) . The midwife examined me to find I was already 10cms dilated! I stood back up and my membranes broke and choose to continue standing up to give birth. I went between squatting and standing. My mum and Daniel were amazing keeping me grounded as my baby entered the world quite quickly.

Nate was born at 4.59pm. The joy as I held my beautiful baby boy Nate James brings me to tears as I write this and re live that positive experience. I went on to birth my own placenta and had skin on skin with my little boy who I may add was so calm but so alert. I was so happy and up walking around within the hour. I'm forever grateful I had an open mind and gave hypnobirthing a go! A Can Do attitude really helped and no fear was thought about because I had removed it all from my mind prior to this day. Thank you to Shari for guiding me along this journey! Xx

Jade & Daniel

Tannum Sands

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