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Break it down...

I have had a few comments made lately that the course I offer is too expensive..

Well of course I have to beg to differ.

I guess for me personally I knew I needed help and some guidance when it came to preparing for my birth as I really knew nothing about birth.

When i first sought out a Hypnobirthing course and did my research as to what was included in the course and what I would get out of it in some ways It didn't matter to me how much it cost because I knew that If I was to birth in a private hospital with an Obstetrician that you can pay up to $5000 just for that service but I knew I wanted to have the best possible chance at a natural birth and I wanted to be supported by midwives so paying $500 for a Child Birth Education course was well worth the money, not only to me as the pregnant mum but also to my husband who knew nothing about supporting me through my birth.

I must admit it did take me a little convincing to get my husband on board but once he realised that he knew nothing about the process of birth and how to support me and when he saw how important it was to me he was happy to support me with what I wanted.. and that meant a lot.

The course that I offer is worth $495 for a group course if you get the early bird discount, but lets actually break it down...

1. First of all lets minus the value of the Material's included $495 - $50 = $445

2. $445 divided by 12 hours (4 x 3 hour sessions) = $37.08 per hour

3. Divide this by 2 people (pregnant mum and her choice of birth partner) = $18.54 per person per hour

4.Taking into account that there are also overheads for room hire and also refreshments that I provide

5. You also get phone and email support and even an extra catch up for a fear release leading up to your birth if you feel you need it.

So when you actually look at it when you break it down to a per person per hour rate which comes to under $20 and hour and what you are actually getting out of the course in learning life long lessons on how to create and maintain a positive mindset and giving you the tools and techniques to help you achieve a calm positive birth... Is my course really that expensive?

When I attended my course back 4 years ago I paid over $500 but I have used the techniques now for both of my births.. And it honestly changed my life..So if you are planning on having more children then that’s even better value for you.

So I guess you might want to ask yourself again is paying under $20 an hour per person for a good childbirth education course really that expensive?

Shari Lyon



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